CyberLogitec OPUS Stowage, Won Overseas Contracts

CyberLogitec OPUS Stowage, Won Overseas Contracts

Mar 11, 2013

SEOUL, South Korea — CyberLogitec, a maritime logistics IT company, announced that CyberLogitec ( signed a contract with Sinotrans Container Lines of China and Interasia of Japan. In spite of downturn in the shipping industry, OPUS Stowage, stowage planning solution of CyberLogitec continues to win contracts with shipping companies from multiple customers, supplying its solution to Sinokor Merchant Marine and Namsung Shipping in Korea last year.  This contract has grabbed customers’ attention since OPUS Stowage replaced the system currently used by customers.

In contrast with other stowage solutions in the industry, OPUS Stowage saves stowage plans in a database instead of storing it in an individual planner’s PC, which prevents the loss of information and enable users share and utilize knowhow from historical data.

With the introduction of OPUS Stowage, Sinotrans, and Interasia expect to prevent work delays due to the scattered information across different locations and can utilize its time and resources to focus on the actual work of shipping previously spent on information transfer and sharing.

“We promise to provide differentiated service and customer satisfaction based on various customer references since its first launch in 2011.” said Jang-Rim Choi, the CEO of CyberLogitec.

CyberLogitec has received positive response from Asian shipping companies in the ‘2012 CyberLogitec Showcase Singapore’ and will continue to host promotion and sales events at home and abroad.