AccellosOne Warehouse Software Powers Business Expansion at UAB Transimeksa

AccellosOne Warehouse Software Powers Business Expansion at UAB Transimeksa

Nov 6, 2012

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has issued a case study of AccellosOne Warehouse Management System (WMS) customer UAB Transimeksa. After 16 years in the freight forwarding business, the Lithuanian logistics operator charted a new course, finding immediate success.


Vilnius-headquartered Transimeksa has been bridging shippers and customers in the European Union to counterparts in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and beyond over well-developed transportation corridors since the early ‘90s. Committed to further growth, management sensed new opportunities in the field of third party logistics.


Transimeksa’s 4,500 square meter facility was fine for freight forwarding, with product floor-stored and usually held for only a day or two. Transimeksa planned to move into third party logistics (3PL) operations which would call for a much larger facility and a software system that would provide the controls, efficiency and security to assure both high-level performance and profitability.


As construction got underway on a new 12,500 square meter (134,500 square feet) 3PL warehouse, Transimeksa began evaluating its 3PL software options, settling on AccellosOne WMS. The software solution couples advanced warehouse management capabilities with a third party logistics module, an alerts/reporting tool, web-based client inventory visibility and EDI integration.


In less than a year, Transimeksa had already acquired thirteen 3PL clients, among them Lithuania’s second largest supermarket chain. Business in the new enterprise was so brisk that the company is already planning for a second major warehouse. The Accellos software is used to manage both the 3PL operations and freight forwarding operations.

“With Accellos, we were able to initiate full warehousing services, allowing us to become a full-capability logistics services provider. Now we are prepared for rapid growth,” said Vaidotas Vysniauskas, Operations Director of Transimeksa.

“Transimeksa is a great example of how software can help fuel business growth,” said Chad Collins, General Manager and CMO of Accellos. “With the AccellosOne WMS for 3PL, Transimeksa is able manage both their freight forwarding operations and their 3PL operations in a single, scalable WMS platform designed for the unique needs of logistics service providers.”

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