Norbert Dentressangle is increasing its e-Fulfilment activities in Venray twofold for Liberty Global

Norbert Dentressangle is increasing its e-Fulfilment activities in Venray twofold for Liberty Global

Jun 7, 2013

Logistics service provider Norbert Dentressangle is doubling the e-Fulfilment activities at its distribution centre (DC) in Venray for Liberty Global, the parent company of UPC. It was already providing logistics for the Netherlands and is now also taking on logistics for Germany. Mark Klievink, Operations Manager in Venray: "Here, we perform between
eighty and ninety percent of all activities for the final customer, without intervention of the retail channel. The expansion of the activities increases the work more than twofold."

The addition of the activities for Unitymedia Kabel BW, the German branch of Liberty Global and comparable to UPC Netherlands, cannot be achieved by merely duplicating the current activities, says Klievink. "The packages we will assemble for Germany are not predetermined, allowing less for preparations. On the other hand, for the UPC activities in the Netherlands, the order pickers are able to assemble orders somewhat earlier on in the pick process on the basis of historical data or expectations.

Ready-made media boxes and single items
Preparations are being made at the DC in Venray for the new operation. We intend to start up in June. The order pickers will assemble ready-made media boxes as well as ship out single components, such as modems, remote controls, and cables. In addition to consumer orders, Norbert Dentressangle will also take care of the flow of items to installers. 

EDCs en RDCs
In Europe, Liberty Global is working towards a structure in which Venray functions as the European Distribution Centre (EDC) with Regional Distribution Centres (RDC) in various countries. From a strategic perspective, and due to the spaciousness and location of the DC in Venray, it has been decided to house the RDCs for Germany and the Netherlands together with the EDC. In Switzerland, an RDC had been opened already earlier, also operated by Norbert Dentressangle. "Obviously, the various stocks are separated from an administrative perspective. We maintain the stock as long as possible in the EDC and will only transfer it to the concerned RDC once the consumer places an order. Liberty Global is the one directing these flows," says Klievink. 

Web tool for processing internet orders

Together with Liberty Global, the logistics service provider has developed  a web tool for the reception and processing of internet orders. The orders placed by consumers with companies such as MediaMarkt, Saturn, and BCC, are passed on via the web tool by the retailers. In doing so, the retailer orders from stock. 

Separate return department
A separate department has been set up in Venray for the return flow of Dutch items, in which Norbert Dentressangle puts away the equipment received on the basis of the serial number. "We reception the goods on the basis of their serial number, allowing UPC to trace to which customer they belong." There are three types of returned items. There are replacement products and repaired items. The third and smallest flow of goods consists of equipment returned by the consumer following termination of the contract with Liberty Global.

Large numbers of packages
The daily flow of packages is considerable, with an average outgoing flow of 3,000 packages. This will increase by 3,600 packages daily once the activities in Germany are under way. For that purpose, the premises have been subjected to a safety upgrade to TAPA B. "We are very satisfied with this expansion and will do our utmost to set up this new operation as lean as possible."