Conexus’ Marketing Manager Offers Marketing Insights

Conexus’ Marketing Manager Offers Marketing Insights

Sep 26, 2013

Tulsa, OK, September 26, 2013 — In a recent interview with Russell Goodman, Editor in Chief of SupplyChainBrain, Aubrey Blankenship, Marketing Manager for Conexus, discussed the challenges transportation marketing professionals face in today’s advertisement-saturated world. She discussed the importance of being a thought leader and a reliable resource for customers and prospects and described some of the ways Conexus works to position themselves as an insight provider in the transportation industry.

“It’s all about thought leadership,” said Blankenship, who went on to discuss the importance of providing relevant resources and tools such as white papers and blogs. “People are looking for solutions to their problems. Provide relevant, timely content for them and they will come to your page rather than you going to get them.” 

Blankenship also discussed how transportation companies can utilize social media platforms to their advantage and which ones hold the most value in the industry. “There are a lot of fantastic social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, but in my opinion, for the transportation industry, the one that is the most valuable and the most underutilized is LinkedIn,” said Blankenship. She explained that many transportation companies either don’t have a LinkedIn page or have a LinkedIn page but don’t post any status updates to it. According to Blankenship, companies without an updated LinkedIn company page are missing out on a tremendous amount of value. Blankenship also encouraged companies to get their employees to use LinkedIn and link to the company page. “The more you dig in LinkedIn the more you realize the vast possibilities of it and your reach explodes as you begin adding to your network.”

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