CEVA moves Australia’s loose change to help Gen Y fight poverty

CEVA moves Australia’s loose change to help Gen Y fight poverty

May 28, 2015

Melbourne, Australia, 28 May, 2015 — CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, is partnering with Y Gap (Y Generation Against Poverty) in Australia to support the not-for-profit volunteer organization’s innovative 5cent campaign.

Y Gap’s 5cent campaign, now in its fourth year, asks Australians to donate their five cent coins throughout the month of May to change the lives of people disadvantaged by poverty. In its first three years, the campaign collected nearly eight million five cent coins – AUS$396,660. It has all been used to empower communities disadvantaged by poverty to be self-sustainable.

Casey Fisher, Managing Director of CEVA in Australia and New Zealand, said: “Right now, there are over $150 million of five cent coins in circulation. A lot of that is bulking up our wallets and sitting in jars, because five cents doesn’t buy much. But enough five cent coins together can change lives. Y Gap has found that just 115, five cent coins can give someone access to education, health care, a good home or a good job.

“CEVA is helping by using our national transport network to get donations to Y Gap quickly, so they can get the money to people in need.

“We are proud to have supported Y Gap in other initiatives to address poverty, including community development projects in Africa. This May, we urge all Australians to get out their five cent coins and go to www.5cent.com.au to choose how to help. Next time a CEVA truck passes you, it could be carrying coins that will change the lives of people living in poverty.”

To find out more about Y Gap’s 5cent campaign visit: www.5cent.com.au.