CEVA launches 'TireCity' hub in Italy

CEVA launches 'TireCity' hub in Italy

Jun 16, 2015

MILAN – CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading supply chain companies, today announced the launch of TireCity in Italy. The hub, which covers an area of 50,000 sq m, is strategically located in Somaglia, in the province of Lodi, and is fully dedicated to the warehousing, handling and cross docking of products in the tire sector.

TireCity, along with the ‘City of Books’, ‘City of Pharma’ and ‘TechCity’, respectively dedicated to the publishing, healthcare and electronics sectors, is the fourth sector-specific hub to open in Italy. CEVA believes that the future of supply chains in Italy is focused on a collaborative approach: sharing infrastructures, networks, people and processes through sector-focused multi user hubs, enabling customers to face market fluctuations, benefit from savings and receive high service levels.

"We have decided to create a new sector-focused multi user hub dedicated to the tire sector, to continue to drive additional value for leading companies in this market, both existing and future customers,” said Giuseppe Chiellino, CEVA’s Managing Director, Italy. “Thanks to TireCity we are now able to create economies of scale and learning, sharing knowledge, best practice and innovation, optimizing transport flows and increasing productivity for our customers.”

“This hub is also the beginning of a strategic course of growth in the Automotive sector in Italy that starts from tires as a key and vital element for vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and industrial and agricultural vehicles," Chiellino stated. "In the current economic climate, CEVA’s collaborative approach can be an opportunity for innovative processes, improving supply chain responsiveness to meet user demand and reducing costs."

"The launch of TireCity reinforces CEVA's leading presence in the Italian logistics market and accelerates our growth in the tire and Automotive sector, by offering distinctive and unique logistics solutions, customized for single category of products," added Alberto Scagnetti, Vice President, Contract Logistics General Manager, for CEVA in Italy. "Thanks to our Operations Excellence approach and relentless focus on impeccable standards, CEVA will be able to further invest in technology, competence and people, in order to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our tire customers and ensure efficiency and speed throughout the entire supply chain."