BDP Awarded Secure Trade Partnership Plus Accreditation by Singapore Customs

BDP Awarded Secure Trade Partnership Plus Accreditation by Singapore Customs

May 7, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, SINGAPORE BDP International (BDP) today announced its Singapore office has been awarded the prestigious Secure Trade Partnership (STP) Plus accreditation by Singapore Customs.

STP is a certification program that requires companies to meet robust security standards in their trading operations to protect global supply chains.  STP Plus is the highest tier of the accreditation program. According to Singapore Custom’s website, 65 companies across all industry sectors in Singapore have been awarded STP Plus status. 

By achieving the STP Plus level of accreditation, BDP can offer additional value to its customers, including a dedicated customs officer for BDP International’s cargo, as well as fewer inspections of goods moved by the company.

Customers of BDP will also benefit from expedited clearance when goods arrive at their destinations, as the STP Plus status is also recognized by a growing number of overseas countries such as China, South Korea, Canada, and Japan. The accreditation also means BDP will automatically be recognized as a known consignor (KC) under the Regulated Air Cargo Agent Regime (RCAR).

David Poh, general manager of BDP in Singapore, said the accreditation comes after an extensive audit of BDP’s security measures by Singapore Customs. “The STP Plus accreditation tells customers and border authorities that BDP is a trusted and reliable company that has invested time and resources to raise our security standards to the highest level,” Poh said.  “Being awarded the STP Plus accreditation puts BDP in an elite class when it comes to supply chain security.”