Hanson Logistics Adds Exclusive Refrigerated Service to Velocities Multi-Vendor Consolidation Program

Hanson Logistics Adds Exclusive Refrigerated Service to Velocities Multi-Vendor Consolidation Program

St. Joseph, MI – Hanson Logistics, a leading provider of temperature-controlled logistics, is expanding the company’s Velocities Multi-Vendor Consolidation (MVC) program to include Exclusive Refrigerated Service.

The new Exclusive Refrigerated Service assures processors that their products will not be co-mingled with frozen products in the same trailer. By sharing trailers set specifically to hold temperatures between 34­F to 38F, refrigerated food shippers are assured a ‘protect from freeze’ environment while still receiving high quality, on-time delivery. The company’s Velocities MVC has the critical mass to build consolidated truckload shipments among multiple vendors for collaborative distribution through the United States

"Our emphasis on food quality and safety extends from our warehouses out to final delivery," said Andrew Janson, president, Hanson Logistics. "The volume, process and assets are in place for refrigerated food shippers to achieve the same cost benefits as shippers in a frozen consolidation program."

Velocities MVC is a temperature-controlled distribution program that leverages Hanson Transportation Management Services and the strategic location of the Chicago Consolidation Center, in Hobart, Ind. The collaborative solution offers cost-effective distribution reaching national retailers and food-service DCs with highest Must-Arrive-by-Date (MABD) metrics.

"Exclusive Refrigerated Service eliminates the uncertainty faced by refrigerated food shippers that pool in bulk-headed frozen freight consolidation," Janson said. "In addition to the proper environment, our refrigerated-foods customers are tapping into an established distribution program that helps reduce transportation and administration costs, while delivering accurate orders on time."

About Hanson Logistics
Hanson Logistics is a leading provider of temperature-controlled supply chain services, and is one of the largest privately-held refrigerated warehouse networks in the country, with eight facilities totaling 37 million cubic-feet of deep frozen, refrigerated and dry warehousing space. Hanson Logistics corporate offices are located at 2900 South State St., Suite 4 East, St. Joseph, MI 49085. (269) 982-1390. www.hansonlogistics.com