Hanjin Shipping Makes GT Nexus its Preferred Industry eCommerce Portal

Hanjin Shipping Makes GT Nexus its Preferred Industry eCommerce Portal

Oakland, CA, USA, and Seoul, South Korea, April 1, 2009 – Hanjin Shipping today established GT Nexus as its preferred industry portal for electronic ocean shipping transactions with global customers. The relationship with GT Nexus has been providing Hanjin with operational and customer-facing advantages for more than eight years. Increasingly customers want their carrier partners to provide advanced IT services, which makes GT Nexus an important part of Hanjin Shipping customer service.

Hanjin Shipping is South Korea's largest carrier, and operates some 60 liner and tramper services around the globe, transporting more than 100 million tons of cargo annually. Its fleet consists of some 200 containerships, bulk, and LNG carriers.

”GT Nexus is a significant part of our technology service portfolio,” said Seong Won Hong, Head of the Customer Service Team at Hanjin Shipping. He added that, “eCommerce leadership is something our customers see as a differentiator in the market. The time has come to expand our relationship with GT Nexus.”

“Hanjin Shipping recognizes that shippers see technology as a vital aspect of their carrier partner’s service,” said John Urban, President of GT Nexus. “With GT Nexus, Hanjin customers can use the technology platform that the world’s biggest importers, exporters, and 3PLs use to monitor and manage global supply chains.”

The GT Nexus trade and logistics portal combines two things – strategic business management applications and a network of electronically integrated logistics partners. All services are delivered on-demand over the Web, which allows customers to get up and running quickly, with minimal expense and fuss. Carriers integrate to the portal once, thereafter connecting with thousands of global customers through a single standardized interface.

“Several of our important customers are currently using GT Nexus for broad, strategic supply chain automation initiatives,” added Seong Won Hong. “Our partnership with GT Nexus further helps solidify our relationships in those strategic accounts.”

About Hanjin Shipping
Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hanjin Shipping is a world-class global shipping carrier that operates some 60 liner and tramper services, transporting over 100 million tons of cargo annually all over the world. Its fleet consists of some 200 containerships, bulk carriers, and LNG carriers. Hanjin Shipping has a comprehensive global business network with four regional headquarters, 200 overseas branch offices, and 30 local corporations. The company's world-class logistics network includes 12 dedicated terminals in Long Beach, Tokyo, Kaohsiung, and Busan, among others, and six inland logistics bases in Asian locations such as Shanghai, Qingdao, and Port Kelang. For more information, visit www.hanjin.com.

About GT Nexus -- GT Nexus runs the world's only industry-backed, on-demand global trade & logistics portal. Today, more than 40,000 registered users, from over 15,000 organizations use a range of capabilities on the portal to optimize the global flow of goods and trade information from order point to final payment. GT Nexus connects the physical and financial supply chains. This allows buyers, sellers, banks and logistics providers to work over a common platform with a core set of information that supports multiple trade and logistics functions. Customers include Xerox, American Eagle Outfitters, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Weyerhaeuser and The Home Depot. For information, visit www.gtnexus.com.