Hanjin New Port Co. Adds OPUS Terminal Management System

Hanjin New Port Co. Adds OPUS Terminal Management System

CyberLogitec (CLT), a solution provider specialized in the shipping & logistics industry, has recently completed the implementation of its new terminal management system (OPUS Terminal) successfully at Hanjin New Port Company terminal (HJNC) at Busan, Korea.

HJNC, the world's first horizontal automated terminal
HJNC terminal, with the capability of handling 2.0M TEU, is the world's first horizontal terminal equipped with an automated TOS. This mega-project consumed 14 months since implementation commenced in November, 2007. CLT has been providing leadership, commitment, and proven technology to the shipping industry for some time and has once again demonstrated its expertise with HJNC's successful deployment.

30% increase in terminal productivity with OPUS Terminal:
OPUS Terminal is designed for optimized planning on the basis of multiple point data collection and analysis of this terminal field information in real time. Job scheduling, Dispatching and Yard Truck Pooling functions emulate this planning result for efficient equipment movements, such as ARMG.

As result, HJNC has been able to achieve an 80% reduction in Yard Operating cost and a 30% increase in terminal productivity after implementing OPUS Terminal (ca. US$ 6,000,000 annually)

Realize the vision of future terminal
By applying the latest RFID technology, OPUS Terminal monitors the location of all trucks moving in the yard as well as container flows at ad hoc levels. The Simulation module therefore delivers a much faster decision process and much more operational accuracy.

Moreover, the Multi-user Planning function enables a reduction in planning time ever logged. Additional functions like CFS, M&R, EDI, and Web services, customs and variable statistics reports makes the OPUS Terminal a most powerful solution in this industry.

Blue wave keeps moving forward:
As well as this successful TOS delivery to HJNC, CLT is moving forward with a new TOS implementation at Total Terminals Internationals Algeciras. S.A. (Spain). Armed with advanced technology and proven project implementation experience, CLT is continuing its success in this business area.

Meet the customers' satisfaction at anywhere, any time:
Since its inception in 2000, CLT has committed to researching and developing solid and proven technologies to provide benefits to the shipping & logistics industry.

Headquarter in Seoul, Korea, CLT has global supply chain presence in the United States, Europe, China and other major cities. With worldwide subsidiaries, CyberLogitec constantly is moving forward for the benefit of its customers all around the world.

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