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Transportation Regulations

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A broker would be inept to sign documentation listing it as a carrier just to gain a business deal.

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10 Aug 2021
The Tuesday introduction of a bill that would significantly change US shipping law for the first time in two decades drew sharp fire from container lines, who argue the legislation is infused with “unfairness” that risks making imports and exports more expensive.
05 Aug 2021
A US importer’s complaint to US regulators of not getting trans-Pacific service contracts honored underscores how cargo demand and diminished efficiency leading to tighter capacity across all modes including ports is creating conflicts with carriers over agreed contracted volume allocations.
04 Aug 2021
Federal maritime regulators have ordered eight container lines to provide details showing how port congestion surcharges meet legal and regulatory requirements, the latest escalation in increased US oversight of container shipping.
01 Aug 2021
A formal complaint from a US home goods importer to maritime regulators is the first of its kind since the COVID-19 pandemic began and speaks to a growing sentiment among shippers and some forwarders that container lines have unfairly taken advantage of the resulting disruption.
28 Jul 2021
FMC Commissioner Rebecca Dye on Wednesday made recommendations on how Congress and the agency itself can beef up its enforcement of unlawful detention and demurrage.
26 Jul 2021
The Biden administration has nominated a former longshoreman and state representative from the state of Washington to replace Michael Khouri on the US Federal Maritime Commission.
23 Jul 2021
The US Surface Transportation Board wants the seven Class I railroads to explain their policies and practices for demurrage fees, but the agency is holding off on regulating them more — for now.
20 Jul 2021
US maritime regulators have told the top container lines operating in the United States to open up their books for an audit of how they assess storage charges amid increased pressure from Congress and the White House to crack down on unreasonable detention and demurrage fees.
18 Jul 2021
A bill expected to be introduced in Congress in August would drive a sweeping bipartisan overhaul of US shipping law if passed.
12 Jul 2021
The agreement creates a framework for Federal Maritime Commission and Department of Justice officials to share information and expertise when relevant and useful to monitoring and enforcing shipping law.
23 Jun 2021
There is a danger in Congress legislating an update to US shipping law during a crisis — a potential overreach and overreaction to an unprecedented global crisis that could ultimately hurt the shippers so-called reforms hope to help.
15 Jun 2021
Two members of US Congress want to give the FMC more power to enforce legal cases against ocean carriers that refuse to take export containers in a bid to help US ag shippers.
13 Jun 2021
Peter Friedmann, executive director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition, outlines proposals to Congress to address what his members’ consider unfair detention and demurrage, and how to ensure container lines honor their common carriage responsibilities.
19 May 2021
The National Industrial Transportation League said that the Shipping Act needs to be updated to address the many issues that US shippers have faced over the last 10 months.
28 Apr 2021
A detention case involving Evergreen Shipping, Yamaha Motor, and a drayage provider is drawing the attention of the Federal Maritime Commission, which is reviewing the application of its detention and demurrage rules.
21 Apr 2021
In its drive to be more than a port terminal operator, DP World is spearheading a program that gives traders in “south–south” lanes between emerging markets logistics benefits for routing trade through Dubai’s airport and seaport.
14 Apr 2021
A New York City regulator who established a minimum wage for app-based rideshare drivers has been nominated to head the US truck safety watchdog agency.
30 Mar 2021
Daniel Maffei is taking the helm of the Federal Maritime Commission as port congestion has grabbed the attention of the new Biden administration and some exporters accuse container lines of refusing bookings.
26 Mar 2021
New DOT chief Pete Buttigieg has pledged to help ease port congestion and help exporters, but industry observers tell that the federal government has limited short-term recourse.
21 Mar 2021
If approved by regulators, the planned merger of Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railways would offer cargo owners a single network straddling the largest global trade bloc.
10 Mar 2021
More members of Congress are asking federal maritime regulators to speed up their probe into the lack of export container availability for US agricultural shippers, saying monthly updates are needed.
04 Mar 2021
A group of 24 senators wrote to the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in support of its investigation into accusations carriers have been denying export bookings, thereby injuring the US agricultural sector
05 Feb 2021
Regulators have now fined ocean carriers Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean (WWO), NYK RORO, and “K” Line a total of $63 million for price fixing on vehicle shipping services on routes to Australia.
01 Feb 2021
California’s request for the Federal Maritime Commission to take immediate action on export delays shows political pressure is mounting to deal with Southern California port congestion that began over the summer.
28 Jan 2021
Policy experts told the virtual SMC3 Jump Start 2021 conference they expect a renewed push to limit truck driver hours of service, but also truck driver detention, during the Biden administration.
26 Jan 2021
National Shipping of America (NSA) made its inaugural call to Port Everglades last week after the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) designated the South Florida port as part of the country’s so-called Marine Highway system on Jan. 8.
05 Jan 2021
The international shipping sector can expect incremental progress on decarbonization to continue next year, but without widespread clarity on a way to reach long-term goals, 2021 may end up looking a lot like 2020.
28 Dec 2020
Although the COVID-19 pandemic completely upended prior expectations for 2020, it also accelerated existing trends that every shipper, carrier, and third-party logistics provider should be watching in 2021.
17 Dec 2020
The warning from two FMC commissioners comes as some carriers are refusing export bookings so they can ship empty containers back to Asia faster to be refilled with higher-paying exports to the United States.
08 Dec 2020
Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Michael Khouri’s comments come after the agency on Nov. 20 announced it would launch a formal investigation into carriers’ role into congestion at the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and New York and New Jersey.
25 Nov 2020
US federal maritime regulator’s decision to increase scrutiny of container lines is part of a larger global effort to monitor how carriers are behaving.
21 Sep 2020
Lawyers representing ocean carriers, OCEMA, and CCM have asked the FMC to dismiss ATA’s complaint into chassis, arguing the regulatory body lacks jurisdiction and only cargo owners can bring such a case.
16 Sep 2020
For so-called old China hands, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Sept. 11 summoning of carriers in Shanghai to instruct them to add capacity hardly comes as a surprise.
28 Aug 2020
A proposed Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration pilot project would let truck drivers stop the hours of service clock for up to three hours and then resume driving, giving them more control over their schedules, but a longer day.
24 Aug 2020
In proactively and successfully influencing the direction of the market as container lines have done this year, leading to higher rates and stronger profit, the carriers will inevitably provoke a regulatory reaction.