Transportation Regulations

Transportation Regulations

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A broker would be inept to sign documentation listing it as a carrier just to gain a business deal.

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07 Dec 2022
Two of the five Federal Maritime Commissioners want to put agreements, particularly those among ocean carriers, on a tighter leash, by allowing the agency to issue the same injunctions as can courts.
15 Nov 2022
A US furniture importer aims to show that Hamburg Sud’s decision to drop its business following the threat of a lawsuit amounts to retaliation under OSRA-22.
09 Nov 2022
Canada is reconsidering how its port system operates in the wake of disruption tied to the pandemic and amid inland hub congestion putting upstream pressure on its Pacific Coast ports.
26 Oct 2022
Container analysts and carriers differ widely on how much impact two new IMO rules will have in softening a wave of tonnage hitting the water in two years, writes JOC Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.
19 Sep 2022
In the third detention and demurrage complaint against Hapag-Lloyd in the past year, Orange Avenue Express alleged the ocean carrier charged $258,000 in detention for containers that could not be returned due to port congestion.
14 Sep 2022
 US agriculture shippers still face challenges and elevated costs in reaching overseas markets due to unexpected billing from ocean carriers and uncertain vessel schedules.
09 Sep 2022
A mandated “container available” data element related to demurrage fees is largely not being complied with yet as the shipping industry grapples with the immediate implications of OSRA-22.
02 Sep 2022
Technology intended to help shippers and forwarders manage arrival notice information might be the solution that federal regulators are seeking to bridge data gaps from carriers and terminals.
01 Sep 2022
The HOS exemption has been extended five times since it was put in place in 2020 by a presidential emergency order, and it has been modified as the pandemic evolved.
12 Aug 2022
While the FMC seeks input over whether to declare an emergency need for information sharing by container lines, the agency’s advisory committee has suggested setting up a parallel carrier group to improve dialogue.
04 Aug 2022
Ocean carriers serving the Port of New York and New Jersey should do more to sweep up empty containers, according to FMC chairman Daniel Maffei, as the agency announces a broader look into the issue.
04 Aug 2022
An FMC data initiative that launched late last year involved industry stakeholder meetings with participants from container lines, shippers, forwarders, longshore unions, railroads, and technology solutions providers.
25 Jul 2022
Pressure is mounting on European regulators to conduct a review of container shipping’s block exemption from competition law.
14 Jul 2022
The US Federal Maritime Commission is casting a wider net for potential investigations into container demurrage and detention billing with new steps for initiating complaints.
12 Jul 2022
OSRA-22's immediate requirement for accurate billing of detention and demurrage fees has set off a scramble among ocean carriers and marine terminal operators to update their invoicing practices and systems.
12 Jul 2022
The Digital Container Shipping Association is ramping up efforts to drive electronic bill of lading adoption by working with four technology vendors and a major shipper to ensure their products are interoperable.
11 Jul 2022
After three years of appeals failed to stop AB5, California legislators are calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to take any action he can to further delay the worker classification law or exempt truckers from it.
17 Jun 2022
The head of the Federal Maritime Commission said his agency is ready to enforce new US shipping reform aimed at monitoring carrier behavior around container use charges and export slots.
08 Jun 2022
Container line Hapag-Lloyd has settled with the Federal Maritime Commission over improperly charging detention to a California drayage carrier in mid-2021, a bellwether case in the long-running issue of free time fee assessments.
22 Apr 2022
The ruling against Hapag-Lloyd could well be a bellwether for future actions against shipping lines relating to what shippers and drayage providers consider unfair assessment of demurrage and detention fees.
21 Apr 2022
Confusion over the intent of a number of public sector supply chain data initiatives to emerge in recent months might cloud the progress any of them might make individually.
14 Apr 2022
Two members of the Federal Maritime Commission say ocean carriers need to tread lightly when assessing per diem container fees that are related to the cyber-attack on forwarder Expeditors.
13 Apr 2022
The Intermodal Association of North America said that it has an effective dispute resolution process for per diem container bills that could be disrupted if new federal rules are adopted.
04 Apr 2022
Although OSRA22 is now almost certain to become law, it’s not clear how the law’s provisions regarding fair rates, reasonable accessorial charges, and determination of best practices will be implemented.
31 Mar 2022
The Senate’s passage of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 brings the container shipping industry one step closer to new US regulations affecting container storage fees and the willingness of carriers to accept export cargoes.
24 Mar 2022
New complaints to the US Federal Maritime Commission over the alleged failure of carriers to move volumes committed in ocean freight contracts suggests shipper frustration with capacity availability and rates remains high.
22 Mar 2022
The Federal Maritime Commission is adding the availability of export capacity to its ongoing scrutiny of how ocean carriers are operating in the US.
15 Mar 2022
US ports, labor unions, and US-flag interests are joining container lines in a bid to stop the Biden administration and Congress from stripping the limited antitrust immunity carriers enjoy.
15 Mar 2022
The Justice Department’s probe of the US supply chain comes amid increased pressure from the Biden administration to more closely monitor container line pricing activities in the wake of historic rate levels.
25 Feb 2022
The US Federal Maritime Commission and Department of Justice outlined additional resource sharing as part of their efforts to police container shipping.
10 Feb 2022
The US Senate on Thursday voted to confirm former longshoreman Max Vekich to the Federal Maritime Commission as the agency considers further detention and demurrage rulemaking.
07 Feb 2022
The Federal Maritime Commission is looking for comments over the next month about how it can make detention and demurrage billing more transparent, accurate, and timely.
13 Jan 2022
Shippers “will have to be innovative” to avoid delays caused by COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the US-Canadian border.
30 Dec 2021
Wan Hai has come under scrutiny from the US Federal Maritime Commission for assessing detention charges on containers that shippers assert could not be returned to a container terminal.
21 Dec 2021
Under legislation passed by the House on Dec. 8 and soon to be considered in the Senate, Congress is moving forward on requiring container lines and marine terminals to validate storage fees meeting US shipping law requirements.