Global Logistics Experts

Global Logistics Experts

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In April 2009 a new global consulting group has been created. Twelve (12) Founding members in eight (8) different countries on all six (6) continents give this new group a complete global presence. All members have been known experts in management positions in the transportation / logistics field and are closely connected with that environment today.

The Members of GLOBAL LOGISTICS EXPERTS focus on:

- Executive Search and Recruitment
- Logistics Consulting and Project Management
- Mergers and Acquisitions

The Group has appointed as Secretary: Inorateam SA, Lugano/Switzerland. This company will take care of the administration on behalf of all members.

GLOBAL LOGISTICS EXPERTS will use a rotation system for the Chairmanship. First Chairman of the new group is Hans J. Willam, Managing Owner of
WCL – Worldwide Consultants in Logistics, Hamburg/Germany.

In North America, three experienced tansport and logistics managers have become part of this new consulting group:

Rudy Mack Associates, Inc. - or
Dennis Wilkinson - or
Tom Daunais - or

Rudy Mack explains the targets and the goals of the new group:

“We have created a global platform consisting of experienced transportation and logistics experts which covers all continents. It will allow all members of this group to offer their long-time expertise to equally experienced partners in the other countries. This group will become a unique opportunity on global basis for any interested party to use their unparalleled experience. We decided not to form a separate company but this group will allow each partner to individually act on a global scale for their respective clients using on one-to-one basis anyone of the GLOBAL LOGISTICS EXPERTS group, when required.”

“We have been very careful which partners to accept in this global group as it was and is essential that all members endorse the principle of supporting each other with the goal of offering our clients effective and global partnerships.”