A container ship on the Mediterranean Sea.
31 Jul 2018
The leading container ports still call the shots — thanks to the schedules of the three powerful alliances — but rival smaller ports are adding business and in the process are giving shippers options to northern and southern Europe.
Klaipeda State Seaport.
23 Jul 2018
Shippers should be pleased by an increase in competition in several Baltic region trade lanes.
Trucks travel in the Netherlands.
10 Jul 2018
Above-trend GDP growth is boosting the continent's commerce, and that’s triggered a steady uptrend in trucking rates, amid tighter capacity — and several factors suggest an even more challenging transport market is ahead for logistics planners and transportation managers.
Trucks travel on a highway in Germany.
02 Jul 2018
A shrinking supply of qualified truck drivers, combined with above-trend European GDP growth, is pushing the continent's truck rates higher, and analysts had words to the wise for shippers for the year ahead.
Belarus Europe freight train.
12 Jun 2018
More, faster rail route options with more reliability/visibility, are the chief reasons China-Europe rail use is increasing. Add the historic time advantage over ocean freight and cost advantage over air cargo and the net result is a shift in rail from an “interesting option” to “preferred transport mode" for many shippers.
Port of Hamburg.
08 Jun 2018
Only a small percentage of Hamburg’s container traffic is transported to and from the hinterland via the network of inland waterways, something the German port wants to change.
China Europe rail.
23 May 2018
It is widely known that government subsidies make the China-Europe rail a viable option, but the huge scale of this support is starting to emerge.
Maschen Rail Yard, Germany.
21 May 2018
Amid rising container volumes propelled by Europe/global economic growth, intermodal/rail has an opportunity to win transport market share, due to the continent’s barge congestion and truck driver shortage.
A freight travels in Belarus.
11 May 2018
A confluence of factors have lengthened Asia-Europe freight train travel times.
A truck travels on a road in Russia.
05 May 2018
Russia hopes to jump-start its truck transport sector — and save shippers considerable time and money — with a new program of incentives and subsidies to support Russia-owned/operated vehicle transport of cargo to EU destinations.
29 Nov 2017
Poland's bid to become a European hub was sealed when the leading ocean carriers opened Gdansk up to direct calls from Asia.