03 Apr 2017
The joint project is being positioned as an extension of Port Klang.
02 Jan 2017
Southeast Asia’s port scene is incredibly dynamic, and 2017 will be a year of significant changes with big implications for shippers.
11 Nov 2016
Malaysia’s Westports said net profit rose in the third quarter on the back of strong revenue growth.
Asian transshipment hubs, such as Port Klang, Malaysia, pictured, must adjust to a landscape of low growth and shifting service networks.
30 Aug 2016
Asia’s transshipment hubs are facing turbulent times.
The flow of cargo crossing the docks of Westports' facilities in Port Klang, pictured, could begin to slow starting in 2018.
13 Jul 2016
Structural challenges could make life harder for high-flying terminal operator Westports Holdings, which is active in Port Klang, Malaysia.
02 Jul 2016
The port of Tanjung Pelepas is planning billions of investments to aid in its quest to become a premiere Southeast Asia transshipment hub.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weights
11 May 2016
APM Terminals announced Wednesday it will provide container weighing services at 29 locations across its global network to ensure a smooth transition to an international regulation that comes into force on July 1.
17 Dec 2015
United Arab Shipping Company has loaded what it describes as a world record 18,601 TEU on one of its brand new fuel efficient mega-ships that is now heading for Felixstowe.
11 Dec 2015
It turns out the three abandoned Boeing 747-200s at Kuala Lumpur airport for the past year were not abandoned at all, and were instead waiting to start service for a Malaysia-based airline with the eye-opening name of Splunk 'n Dash.
09 Dec 2015
Aligning the roles of different levels of government, in particular the critical role by the states in the provision of land for development, is a key challenge being addressed in the study currently underway that will form the basis of Malaysia’s National Port Strategy.
09 Dec 2015
One way to get rid of unwanted aircraft is for an operator to park them on the tarmac at a big airfield and then disappear, something that is causing consternation at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.