Freightwatch Appointed Eurowatch National Service Provider Eurowatch Partners with FreightWatch in Ireland

Freightwatch Appointed Eurowatch National Service Provider Eurowatch Partners with FreightWatch in Ireland

June 2, 2010. Dublin, Ireland – FreightWatch International, a leader in global logistics security solutions, announced today that the company has been appointed by EUROWATCH as its National Service Provider (NSP) for Ireland.

“We are pleased and honored to be chosen as a Eurowatch National Service Provider,” stated Mick Moloney, Regional General Manager FreightWatch Europe. “EUROWATCH is an esteemed organization which also operates at the coal-face of freight crime and we are thrilled about the opportunity to join forces with them.”

According to the agreement, FreightWatch will provide local accredited police access to EUROWATCH subscribers from Europe and the UK when freight crime occurs in Ireland, and accredited access to all European police forces for Irish EUROWATCH subscribers when they are the victims of crime in Europe (via the EUROWATCH network). The appointment is effective March 1 of this year.

“This joint effort builds on our previous close working relationship, so that now FreightWatch and EUROWATCH together can better assist local law enforcement to safely and effectively prevent crime,” said Mark Schwarz, EUROWATCH Commercial Director.

FreightWatch International offers an array of customized logistics security solutions designed to prevent cargo theft at every point in the supply chain. FreightWatch International services include electronic freight security, 24/7 monitoring, security escorts, cargo assessments and intelligence, and end-to-end logistics security solutions. With these solutions, FreightWatch prevents logistics thefts and losses, ensures time-to-market, and protects corporate brands, proactively preventing the loss of high-value, at-risk products through theft or damage.

EUROWATCH is used by over 1,000 international transport fleets and over 250 international insurance companies. It is also the largest provider within Europe of independent monitoring services to the telematics industry. It is a 24/7 service that deals direct with police in each country and can quickly respond to crimes and emergencies even where a vehicle has crossed an international border. Its service is delivered by Control Centres employing over 700 operators speaking 27 national languages.

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