FreightWatch Announces Joint Venture with OpenTECH

FreightWatch Announces Joint Venture with OpenTECH

November 4, 2009. Austin, TX - FreightWatch and OpenTECH announce a joint venture combining each company's services into a single risk management offering throughout Brazil. This partnership will combine logistics security, consultancy and risk management in a unified solution provides a single-source supply chain security solution to the Brazilian market allowing shippers, distributors, transportation providers and insurance providers to build and manage security into supply chains.

"The addition of OpenTECH's Brazilian supply chain security expertise significantly enhances the depth and reach of the FreightWatch global suite of services", according to Barry Conlon, President of FreightWatch.

FreightWatch has developed embedded covert cargo tracking solutions and command and control operations for the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and Malaysia to provide industry with real-time electronic freight security solutions. "OpenTECH command and control infrastructure is well established and provides best-in-class risk management services to their Brazilian customer base, a significant achievement as Brazil is regarded by industry security experts as the most challenging environment for the protection of goods in transit," continued Conlon.

"Through the association with FreightWatch, OpenTECH achieves an important milestone, consolidating its presence in the market as one of the best prepared risk management companies in Brazil," said Alfredo Zattar, President of OpenTECH. "This union will allow knowledge sharing and build international recognition, opening new markets for its products and services."

FreightWatch International ( offers an array of customized logistics security solutions designed to prevent cargo theft at every point in the supply chain. FreightWatch International services include electronic freight security, 24/7 monitoring, security escorts, cargo assessments and intelligence, and end-to-end logistics security solutions. With these solutions, FreightWatch prevents logistics thefts and losses, ensure time-to-market, and protect corporate brands, proactively preventing the loss of high-value, at-risk products through theft or damage.

OpenTECH ( serves the Brazilian Risk Management field supported by solid IT solutions, allowing the management of high volume of services with significant labor optimization. Based in Santa Catarina, Brazil, OpenTECH offers innovative and practical solutions with its software Rastrear. Currently, the company offers other services co-related to vehicle monitoring, such as logistics and transportation systems, public and private fleet control, road accident prevention, and ERP software for transportation companies.