What are the different price options?

JOC Members receive discounts to all JOC Events. For JOC Inland Distribution, the JOC Members receive a significant discount off the early bird rates before August 2, 2013.  If you are not a JOC member, we recommend that you become one, which is why we have added a one year membership to the full conference passes. When purchasing a full conference pass and a one year JOC membership, you'll receive this membership for only $295, which saves you $100 off the regular price of $395. Two discounts for the price of one!

JOC Membership includes access to in-depth analysis and commentary written by the award-winning JOC editorial team and industry experts. We deliver this business critical information on a daily basis via the JOC.com Web site, our mobile application and our bi-weekly print publication, The Journal of Commerce.

In addition to the discount to JOC events, JOC Membership includes:

  • Print and digital issues of the Journal of Commerce bi-weekly magazine
  • Unlimited access to member only content on the JOC.com
  • Exclusive market intelligence and analysis
  • The JOC Daily Newswire (email newsletter)
  • Expert commentary from JOC and industry analysts
  • Daily updates of 100s of data reports and charts
  • Interactive graphics and charts on special topics
  • Access to special topic pages - one stop shop for research and analysis on key industry topics, & legislation updates
  • Access to Member-only Webcasts, Podcasts & Videos
  • The Annual Review and Outlook
  • Directory of Transportation - Reference Guide
  • Cool Cargos - Special Reports on Reefer News
  • Container Shipping Quarterly - Rankings & Volume
  • The JOC Guide to Trucking
  • The Annual JOC Global Logistics Focus

To learn more about JOC memberships, please click here:

If you would prefer not to purchase a JOC membership, you can register under the non-member rate.

I thought my company had a JOC Membership. Why can’t I register under that?

JOC Memberships are individual, and unique to each subscriber. If you believe you received the "non-member" message in error, please contact events@joc.com and provide your name, company and email address. We will verify your membership. We monitor this mailbox daily and will respond to you within 24 hours.

I need to register my staff members for the conference.  Can I register several people under my membership?  Or if my colleague has a membership and they cannot attend the event, can I register under their membership?

Since this discount is based on individual JOC Memberships, only the person with the membership can register under the JOC Member rate. If you are registering your staff members or colleagues, please use their email addresses and if they are members, they will be entitled to the discounted rate. If any of your colleagues do not have a JOC membership, you will need to register under the new/lapsed member or non-member rate.

How can I tell if I'm a BCO/Shipper?

If you are the owner of the goods that are being transported, then you are considered a Beneficial Cargo Owner or Shipper. BCO/shippers are typically retailers, manufacturers and importers/exporters. If you do not fall under any of those categories, you would be considered a non-shipper. If you still have questions regarding this, please email your query to JOC Events at events@joc.com .

I cannot pay by credit card.  How else can I register?

The quickest way to receive a confirmed registration is to register online and pay by credit card.  If it is impossible for you to do this, please click here and click on "offline registration form" in the left hand column.  Download the form, and send it with your payment to:

JOC Events
c/o Rose Ferrara
2 Penn Plaza, 12th Floor
Newark, NJ 07105

Are there any discounts for sending multiple people?

We do offer discounts for companies sending 7 or more people.  If you are planning to send this many people, please contact Rose Ferrara at events@joc.com to request a discount code. We monitor this mailbox throughout the day and will respond to you within 24 hours.

How can I become a sponsor for the event?

Tony Stein, Publisher
P: +1 678-456-8530
C: +1 770-295-8809
E: tstein@joc.com

Statement of JOC Conference Editorial Policy

All JOC conference programs are developed independently by the JOC editorial team based on input from a wide variety of industry experts and the editors' own industry knowledge. The editorial team determines session topics and extends all speaker invitations based entirely on the goal of providing highly relevant content for conference attendees. Certain sponsors may give welcoming remarks or introduce certain sessions, but if a sponsor appears as a bona-fide speaker it will be because of an editorial invitation, not as a benefit of sponsorship. Sponsorship benefits do not include speaking on a program.