EMD Receives Illinois Environmental Sustainability Award

EMD Receives Illinois Environmental Sustainability Award

February 8, 2010, LaGrange, IL — The Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. facility in LaGrange Illinois has received the Governor's Continuous Improvement Award, marking the fourth time it has been honored for its significant achievements in protecting the environment, helping sustain the future, and improving the economy. “The sustainability programs and activities that you have undertaken reflect your strong commitment to the well-being of your clients, employees and neighbors,” said Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. “Your actions certainly serve as an example for others to follow.”

A manufacturer and rebuilder of diesel engines and other locomotive components, EMD naturally generates waste as a result of its various operations. However, through its efforts in the most recent award year, the company was able to further decrease its total annual waste output by thirteen percent.

Careful segregation led to a seven percent reduction in the facility’s landfilled industrial waste. Additional efforts included improving ISO 14001 procedures, implementing visual control enhancements, and continuing employee education. Annual water usage was also decreased by nine percent, an achievement accomplished by replacing a leaking cooling tower, and changing a fuel oil cooling system from once-through potable water to a recycling cooling tower arrangement. The EMD machining operations reduced cutting fluid disposal by 110,830 gallons – over 78 percent – by completely revamping equipment cleanout schedules, resulting in fewer emergency cleanouts.

The old high-pressure sodium and self-ballasted mercury lamps previously used in the engine rebuild area were replaced with highly efficient T5HO fluorescent lighting. The change saved 134,351 kilowatt-hours of energy, and eliminated 201,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, while saving $15,800 electrical expense annually and earning a $12,000 "Smart Ideas" rebate from Commonwealth Edison. An additional 33,000 kilowatt-hours and 42 billion BTUs of natural gas were saved through other conservation projects – doing away with another 5.15 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Electro-Motive Diesel was one of 38 Illinois companies and organizations honored with the Governor’s Awards, presented by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, a division of the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since 1987, ISTC has presented Governor’s Awards to organizations in Illinois that have demonstrated a commitment to environmental excellence through outstanding and innovative sustainability practices.

Founded in 1922, Electro-Motive is one of two U.S. original equipment manufacturers of diesel-electric locomotives. Headquartered in LaGrange, Illinois, with additional facilities in London, Ontario, EMD designs, manufactures and sells diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications and has sold its products in more than 70 countries. The Company is the only diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer to have produced more than 72,500 engines and has the largest installed base in both North America and worldwide. In addition to its manufacturing activities, EMD has an extensive aftermarket business offering customers replacement parts, maintenance solutions, and a range of value-added services. The Company is also a global provider of diesel engines for marine propulsion, offshore and land-based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation. Additional information may be found at www.EMDiesels.com.