FreightScan Opens Office in Latin America

FreightScan Opens Office in Latin America

FreightScan has opened a new office in Costa Rica, citing increasing Latin American economic development and growing interest in FreightScan's suite of automated cargo scanning systems.

Air cargo industry veteran Luis F. Paredes has been named director of Latin America for FreightScan and will oversee management of its entire Latin American region.

"We are very pleased to have Mr. Paredes represent FreightScan and head up our Latin America operation," said Randy Richards, EVP of Sales for FreightScan. “He has an excellent reputation in the air cargo and aviation industries and brings a great deal of knowledge, energy and motivation to our expanding global team. His proven success in leading and developing professional cargo airline personnel and operations brings a strong dynamic to our team as FreightScan establishes a footprint throughout Latin America."

FreightScan has compiled data from air cargo facilities in Latin America that indicated 22 percent of total shipments in the region should be charged by dimensional weight. On average, these dimensional weight shipments have 125 kilos of additional chargeable weight as compared to scale weight, representing more than 1.6 million kilos of chargeable weight per air cargo facility.

“FreightScan’s suite of dimensioning products creates significant value for cargo companies around the world, and we have developed an application specifically for the agricultural trade in Latin America to improve accuracy and efficiency,” said Richards.