Dunavant Enterprises Repositions as Global Logistics Leader

Dunavant Enterprises Repositions as Global Logistics Leader

Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 7, 2010 – Dunavant Enterprises Inc., formerly one of the world’s largest cotton merchandizers for more than 50 years, has announced the expansion of its global logistics division as the main active concentration for the company.

Earlier this year, Dunavant completed the sale of its global cotton business. This finalized the strategic decision by the Dunavant family to exit the cotton business and pursue other ventures.
The company created Central States Truck Brokerage, its logistics subsidiary, in 1970 to help propel its cotton distribution services to accommodate a rising international trade demand. This experience helped Dunavant become the first U.S. cotton merchant to sell and deliver cotton into China in 1972. With approximately 50 years of experience, the company has managed millions of international commodity shipments with an active database of thousands of domestic and international supply chain partners.

“For more than 50 years, Dunavant has built a proud reputation as one of the world’s biggest cotton distributers,” said William B. Dunavant III, CEO and president of Dunavant Enterprises. “What we have discovered is that one of the biggest reasons for our success has been the process in which we are able to deliver product in a timely manner throughout the globe down to the most remote areas. It was apparent to us that we should continue to capitalize on our resources and experience in global logistics and replicate our best business practices for other industries and commodities.”

Richard W. McDuffie, COO for Dunavant Logistics, will be leading Dunavant’s Global Logistics Group. McDuffie has retained key individuals from Dunavant’s logistics division, which supported the cotton merchandising division, as well as investing in and hiring personnel with various logistics backgrounds, to provide a full range of supply chain and consulting services.

“This is a great time for Dunavant to utilize our global partnerships and vendor relationships to help our client base solve logistics challenges and manage any domestic and global channels of distribution they have,” McDuffie said. “Our strategic partners have a long history with our company, and we have an acute awareness of how global transportation and distribution systems are constantly changing. We apply this knowledge to create efficient solutions tailored to each of our individual client’s needs.”

With this new focus, Dunavant will rely on its active partnerships and branches in Asia and North America, with a strong network in Australia, Africa, Europe and South America. According to company leadership, the business will continue to grow rapidly through organic account development and evaluating strategic acquisitions for its four operating divisions: Global, Distribution, Freight and Solutions.

About Dunavant Enterprises Inc.
Headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., Dunavant Enterprises Inc. began operations more than 50 years ago and became one of the largest cotton merchants in the world. Dunavant was the first U.S. company to deliver cotton to China in 1972 and has more than 50 years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. In 2010, Dunavant sold its global cotton operations and enhanced its logistics division as the prime focus of the company while retaining its real estate and investment divisions. Dunavant has been previously ranked by Forbes as one of best small companies in America and as one of largest private companies in Memphis. For more information, visit www.dunavant.com or contact us at (888) 955-3547.