Descartes Optimizes Inbound Shipments for Top 20 Fortune 500 Healthcare Retail Company

Descartes Optimizes Inbound Shipments for Top 20 Fortune 500 Healthcare Retail Company

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NRF 99th Annual Convention & EXPO Convention -- Descartes Systems Group (TSX:DSG) (Nasdaq:DSGX), a federated global logistics network, announced that a top 20 Fortune 500 healthcare retail company that processes more than a billion drug prescriptions annually and employs more than 200,000 people across 7,000 retail locations and 18 distribution centers, has implemented Descartes' Dock Appointment Scheduling solution to help take control of its inbound supply chain.

Descartes Dock Appointment Scheduling is a collaborative transportation management software that enables shippers, carriers and consignees to schedule loading dock door appointments. It streamlines the dock appointment process by distributing the responsibility for scheduling across the warehouse, carriers and suppliers. By ensuring all supply chain partners are involved in the process and have visibility into requested, scheduled and rescheduled dock appointments, this solution optimizes receiving operations for inbound shipments to a distribution centre or warehouse.

With Descartes' Dock Appointment Scheduling solution, the healthcare company gained control over its inbound shipments, providing it with much needed reliability to lower costs and drive efficiencies in its operations. By planning more effectively, the company has increased its warehouse efficiency, and can now prevent out-of-stock situations and prioritize goods that are running low on inventory.

With the ability to optimize the receipt of goods at set days/times, the company has seen a dramatic improvement in inventory turns. Time-sensitive promotional items are also more readily available to meet customer demand.

Through effective planning, the company has greater insight into when staff is required for inbound receiving, allowing them to optimize hours of service and level the labor load. This eliminates the costly issue of understaffing when goods are not received on time and overtime must be paid; or overstaffing situations where productivity declines due to the incorrect utilization and allocation of resources.

"While process improvements are seen in all aspects of this customer's implementation, one of the most critical measurements of success in effective planning is a decrease in the amount of safety stock required and a reduction in variability as to when goods will be replenished," said Ken Wood, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Descartes. "Thanks to Descartes' Dock Appointment Scheduling solution, the healthcare retail company can better manage inventory levels, and the cycle time between when a purchase order is issued and goods are received has decreased. With advanced visibility into inbound shipments, the company can now focus more of its attention on the variability of demand."

The healthcare retailer has also seen a huge improvement in partner collaboration, as suppliers now have visibility into the real-time performance and compliance of carriers. Since suppliers are responsible for carrier payments, accurate data and insight into the delivery process has also minimized the number of dispute situations by ensuring deferred appointments are justified and noted.

For more information about Descartes' Logistics Suite for Retailers and federated platform, visit Descartes representatives at the NRF 99th Annual Convention & EXPO Convention at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from January 10 to 13 at Booth #1623.

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