Briz Forwarding/IFC International Freight

Briz Forwarding/IFC International Freight

To say the forwarding industry has taken a thrashing would be an understatement. Yet this is a perfect time to seek new trade opportunities. They are always out there, like diamonds in the rough, waiting to be found.

Companies that demonstrate abilities to move in new directions where others may not, will survive.

All logistic modes need to be fully developed and utilized; existing properties, warehousing, trucking, new innovative info systems and adapting the changeling the roles of existing employees.

Some trade lanes, such as West Africa and Middle East, have shown some resistance to the downturn, maintaining much of their trade momentum. Russia experienced a greater slowdown than other markets due to its reliance on old political and economic systems.

New trade opportunities for the coming year will depend on many factors, but a few are key. The exchange rate for the U.S. dollar with a given trading partner, and the unswerving cost impact on the balance between exports and imports, will be central.