COMPAS crew management system goes live at Thome

COMPAS crew management system goes live at Thome

The Thome Group recognizes synergies & benefits of implementing Netvision crewing software for their global; and expanding, crewing operations.

The Thome Group of Companies headquartered in Singapore has successfully launched the COMPAS crew management software for its entire operations including all branch offices, manning offices, vessels and travel agents.

Congratulating their staff and partners on this achievement, Captain Michael P. Elwert, Director of Thome Group Human Resources and Crewing, said this was a significant milestone in the company's history.

"Thome and all its branches, subsidiaries, partners and manning offices worldwide are now working together in our new WEB based crew management system, COMPAS," he added. "This is yet another important milestone in our strategic drive and ultimate goal - to be among the best performing ship managers in the world!"

According to Captain Elwert, the Thome Group implemented the COMPAS crew management system to achieve a higher level of efficiency in its data collection and distribution, and better time management as well as serve the Principals, at their convenience, instantly on Thome's crew management operation. The need for a new web-based 3rd generation crew management system became increasingly important to the Thome Group in its efforts to better manage its crewing resources as well as cope with constantly increasing headcount and reporting requirements.

The new COMPAS system allows real time capabilities in operating crew pools, producing accurate crewing reports and instant statistics such as retention rate, age profiling, OCIMF matrix compliance, CVs, training logs, certification, crewing strategies and much more.

Commenting on the implementation, Netvision General Manager and chief software architect Cornel Ciocan said COMPAS had achieved a high level of dependability and recognition in the shipping industry because of continuous development and customization.

"COMPAS is a state-of-the-art manpower management system that addresses the needs of any ship management company regardless of staff capacity and locations. It provides necessary functions to manage all aspects of crewing such as advanced crew planning, crew change management, crew database, training, assessment, logistics and more," Ciocan added.

"COMPAS provides functions that help find suitable crew replacements in an intelligent manner. Our crew information database provides efficient means for storing and retrieving a large amount of crew-related data besides job history, experience, education, training, vital statistics, photos, nearest airport, passport and visa information and general payroll transactions."

Thome provides integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries. Based in Singapore, Thome offers a wide range of services including ship management, marine consulting, offshore structure project management, vessel inspection port agency and crew training.

Netvision is an IT company whose core expertise is in crew management systems and solutions for the shipping industry. With presence in Europe and Asia, Netvision provides pioneering human capital solutions to improve performance, competitiveness and effectiveness, while helping cut costs without sacrificing on quality.