Cayman Islands Peak Season Surcharge

Cayman Islands Peak Season Surcharge

Aug 27, 2014

The members of the Caribbean Shipowners Association (CSO) have adopted a voluntary guideline calling for the implementation of a 2014 Cayman Islands Peak Season Surcharge (PSS).

PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE: Effective September 28, 2014 through January 3, 2015:

A temporary Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) of $75 per TEU will be applied without exception on southbound cargo to the Cayman Islands.

The stress on availability of containers and space to serve exports from the United States is expected to last through the 2014 peak season.

This surcharge will enable carriers to recover the higher costs caused by increased volumes, including equipment positioning, labor overtime, port congestion, cruise liners and extra loaders.

The practice of adjusting prices to reflect seasonal demand is common in many industries. It is designed to shift the peak demand to better match supply thus avoiding service delays during peak periods. This surcharge will be assessed as follows:

20 foot container:  $ 75.00
40 foot container:   150.00
Over 40 feet:    169.00
Vehicles up to 700 cft: 44.00 each
Vehicles exceeding
700 cft:
3.50 w/m (40 cft or 2,000 lbs)
Breakbulk, LCL:      3.50 w/m (40 cft or 2,000 lbs)
LCL (1 cft):  .09/cft
LCL (100 lbs):     .18/cwt

The members of the CSO implementing this surcharge include Hybur Ltd, Seaboard Marine, SeaFreight, and Tropical.   

The surcharge will be applicable on all U.S. Southbound cargo to the Cayman Islands.

For further information please contact your carrier of choice.