Carrier Logistics Inc. Introduces Upgrade To Its Facts Total Freight Management

Carrier Logistics Inc. Introduces Upgrade To Its Facts Total Freight Management

Tarrytown, N.Y., December 14, 2009 – Innovative software developer Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) has announced the release of FACTS£ V10.5.1, the latest version of its transportation software suite that provides hundreds of enhancements over their previous version released only 13 months ago. The latest edition includes enhancements to all areas of their software suite from their web based customer shipping system to their stand- alone Dock Management Module.

“This is the fifth upgrade in as many years,” says Ben Wiesen, vice president of Product and Services, “and the most important for our customers who want to have improved functionality and the benefits of a mouse driven application. The latest FACTS version incorporates a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to allow users to open windows, pull down menus, access buttons, scroll bars and links all on one screen. It offers a modern look and feel to our enterprise system.”
Founder and vice president of sales Ken Weinberg takes it a step further. “In addition to GUI, FACTS V10.5.1 features hundreds of enhancements to the application itself, whether it is with tracing a shipment or applying cash in accounts receivable.

The new FACTS version allows our CLI community to take “immediate advantage of all the improvements we’ve made over the last 12 months,” added Weinberg. “CLI prides itself on our commitment to constantly improve our software and GUI simply makes the FACTS system better,” said Weinberg. A maverick software developer since the 1970’s CLI has never been content with the status quo and instead has always pushed to stay in front of the trucking software field. This latest version continues this tradition and commitment.

“Present FACTS system users can upgrade to the new 10.5.1 version at no cost,” said Weinberg. “Upgrades are included under CLI’s annual support and maintenance contract and provide an instant ROI on actual day-to-day operating costs for all of CLI’s customers.”

LTLs (less-than-truckload carriers) and parcel delivery carriers who have adopted the 10.5.1 version include Dohrn Transfer of Rock Island, Ill., Titan Freight Systems of Milwaukie, Ore., Eastern Connection of Woburn, Mass., and CCT Canada in Toronto, Ontario.

About Carrier Logistics Inc.
Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI), Tarrytown, N.Y., has been a leading transportation and engineering consulting firm and a pioneer in the development of system technology and freight management systems for the trucking industry for close to 40 years. CLI is the premier transportation software provider to LTL, combined LTL and truckload, package delivery, and bulk liquid carriers in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
CLI’s latest generation Facts£ transportation software has set the technological standard for the LTL transportation software industry. CLI may be reached by telephone at 914-332-0300, by email at <|> , or on the web at <|> .

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