Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Often associated with a large capital project such as a plant, a refinery, or a wind farm, project cargo logistics means moving all the many items required to build that project, from (perhaps) massive, one-of-a-kind pressure vessels to many freight tons of pipe and steel to containers full of valves, screws, and nuts and bolts. Sourcing can be global and very complex, and time from engineering to procurement to completion can take months or even years.


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News & Analysis

22 Nov 2022
Drought is keeping the Mississippi River at historically low water levels, tying up barge capacity and extending the southbound grain season.
14 Nov 2022
Two years of pandemic-related oil and gas project delays and cutbacks in global supply due to the Russia-Ukraine war are driving demand for project logistics services in the short and long term.
11 Nov 2022
Bottlenecks and a lack of needed infrastructure may put the “aspirational” global offshore wind installation schedule out of reach, an analyst says.
24 Aug 2022
Developers have installed a total of 139 gigawatts of onshore wind energy production across the US, with another 23 GW under construction or in advanced development as of the second quarter of 2022.
22 Aug 2022
The global super-heavy carrier fleet is at 91 percent utilization as governments accelerate energy investments amid the rush to cut ties with Russia.
05 Aug 2022
Maersk is expanding its footprint in the heavy-lift sector with the acquisition of specialist logistics provider Martin Bencher that will be central to its new Maersk Project Logistics product.
24 Jun 2022
Millions of tons of project cargo freight will be moving soon as energy projects, including Qatar’s massive LNG facility, gather steam, logistics executives say.
17 Jun 2022
Softening container rates are expected to pull “spillover” cargo back from the breakbulk sector, but the just-ended COVID lockdowns in China may slow a market normalization.
13 May 2022
As the global energy transition gains momentum, a “mismatched” market will become more complex, partitioned, and costly, according to Jim Burkhard, head of oil market research at S&P Global.
25 Apr 2022
Massive investment in offshore wind energy projects planned for Asia and the US is fueling orders for installation vessels, but at least one analyst expects an equipment shortfall by the end of the decade.
21 Mar 2022
Burned by losses, key engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms continue to shift away from lump-sum contracting and toward more risk-averse strategies in the oil and gas space.
11 Feb 2022
While a rate "plateau" may be looming, container congestion and equipment supply shortages will continue to push spillover cargo into the MPV sector, analysts say
09 Dec 2021
Ambitious global plans to increase wind energy capacity, ongoing spillover demand from the container market, and a scant orderbook are poised to drive a capacity shortage in the multipurpose vessel market.
02 Dec 2021
Low-code digital platform Voyager Portal is focused on reducing complexity and cost in non-containerized global shipping operations.
26 Oct 2021
Investments in the US' budding offshore wind industry are gaining momentum along the eastern seaboard, with Siemens Gamesa building the first US offshore wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Virginia.
19 Oct 2021
While the “spillover” container market that is driving up MPV rates and creating a capacity shortage will eventually dissipate, in the longer term a low orderbook could mean a capacity shortage, analyst Drewry says.
04 Oct 2021
In a change from long-held norms, earlier contracting is becoming more standard in the breakbulk and project market as cargo shippers labor to secure capacity and reduce risk and price volatility.
02 Aug 2021
Project network EPN and digital shipping platform Shipnext are working together to reduce the chronic data overload that comes with project shipping.
19 Jul 2021
After a COVID-19 pandemic lull, violations of ISPM 15 regulations around dangerous insects are increasing in Houston and elsewhere, triggering costly remedies and intense frustration in the breakbulk and project cargo community.
08 Jun 2021
As the US economy reopens, more states are speeding up the permitting process for oversize/overweight flatbed loads, as cargo diversion complicates routing.
28 May 2021
As container vessels and freight clog major ports, oversized and overweight project cargo is being rerouted coast to coast, driving up ocean shipping and inland transportation costs.
28 May 2021
Investments in hydrogen production and storage and other clean energy projects will keep project cargo carriers busy amid the push to decarbonize.
27 May 2021
Demand for commodities that feed the green energy transition is expected to spike this decade, and that will have an impact on project logistics associated with mining and transporting those materials.
12 May 2021
Project cargo shipper Fluor added a refinery project to its work backlog, but lost a chemicals project during a choppy first quarter as COVID-19-driven delays took a toll.
07 May 2021
Breakbulk freight rates are climbing, but uncertainty about new fuels, ship designs, and the long-term strength of the market are holding back orders for new ships.
05 Apr 2021
The MPV/HL market is on the upswing, but a lack of finance and lingering overcapacity will hold back investment in new ships.
23 Mar 2021
Voyager and GSA create “line of sight” visibility tool for managing ocean transport for project cargo shippers.
22 Mar 2021
A chaotic container segment, rising bulk prices, and vigorous wind energy development on- and offshore are pushing volume toward the MPV/HL sector.
19 Mar 2021
The breakbulk sector is likely heading into a new economic supercycle focused on renewables and metals instead of oil and created by a policy-driven energy transition, rather than by demand-driven commodities growth.
02 Mar 2021
Container market woes and a booming bulk market are cutting competition and boosting freight rates for the multipurpose/heavy-lift sector.
01 Feb 2021
New contracts firm up heavy transport and heavy lift firm Fagioli’s 2021 outlook despite the pandemic-driven industry-wide downturn of 2020.
30 Dec 2020
Former SAL executive Justin Archard has departed the super-heavy-lift carrier and will be a founding partner with Hamburg-based One World Shipbrokers.
28 Dec 2020
Breakbulk and project logistics providers are adapting to a market in which the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift away from traditional oil and gas projects and toward more carbon-neutral energy sources and related industries.
16 Dec 2020
Fluor grinds its way out of a long run of financial trouble, but the EPC is facing an anxious oil and gas segment struggling with COVID-19-driven demand declines and an evolving market.
16 Nov 2020
Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, shrinking investment in capital projects, and a slow-but-game-changing global shift towards a lower-carbon future, the industry is again recalibrating its project logistics relationships.