Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Often associated with a large capital project such as a plant, a refinery, or a wind farm, project cargo logistics means moving all the many items required to build that project, from (perhaps) massive, one-of-a-kind pressure vessels to many freight tons of pipe and steel to containers full of valves, screws, and nuts and bolts. Sourcing can be global and very complex, and time from engineering to procurement to completion can take months or even years.


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News & Analysis

30 Dec 2020
Former SAL executive Justin Archard has departed the super-heavy-lift carrier and will be a founding partner with Hamburg-based One World Shipbrokers.
28 Dec 2020
Breakbulk and project logistics providers are adapting to a market in which the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift away from traditional oil and gas projects and toward more carbon-neutral energy sources and related industries.
16 Dec 2020
Fluor grinds its way out of a long run of financial trouble, but the EPC is facing an anxious oil and gas segment struggling with COVID-19-driven demand declines and an evolving market.
16 Nov 2020
Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, shrinking investment in capital projects, and a slow-but-game-changing global shift towards a lower-carbon future, the industry is again recalibrating its project logistics relationships.
27 Oct 2020
UHL, one of very few carriers currently adding newbuildings to the multipurpose fleet, is scheduled to receive eight new F900 ships through December 2021, with the first ship scheduled for delivery in December.
27 Oct 2020
The project industry is cutting logistics staff in the face of a looming “project pipeline” shortfall, concentrating specialized know-how into fewer hands.
19 Oct 2020
An ability to handle out-of-gauge cargo and a unique inventory management system distinguish supply chain logistics platform e2log from the competition.
16 Oct 2020
Gulf Stream Marine adds Alabo Street Wharf to its string of US Gulf breakbulk terminals and positions itself to handle out-of-gauge cargo with a focus on transshipment to the Midwest.
09 Oct 2020
Svend Andersen comes out of retirement to take a stake in the US-based carrier Intermarine and explore new trade possibilities in the Americas.
08 Oct 2020
Less stringent lockdowns, for now, during COVID-19’s second wave mean stronger global trade, as renewables continue to be a bright spot for the multipurpose/heavy-lift (MPV/HL) sector.
07 Oct 2020
As Toepfer’s Multipurpose Index shows signs of modest recovery, SAL’s purchase of Intermarine has the potential to leverage shipping synergies.
22 Sep 2020
As COVID-19 hamstrings the capital projects outlook, engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance company (EPC) Fluor is pivoting to leveraging its supply chain buying power, know-how, and network for external clients.
10 Sep 2020
With the COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent crash in oil prices translating to fewer capital projects in the energy sector, some forwarders are cutting project specialists, while others increasingly see this expertise as a rare — and valuable — asset.
31 Aug 2020
Projected growth in the offshore wind market inspired UHL to buy nine F900 Eco-lifter multipurpose/heavy lift ships from Zeamarine in late 2019 and early 2020.
07 Aug 2020
KBR writes down $1.2 billion of energy project backlog and will focus on government and technology services.
24 Jul 2020
Demand destruction, low oil prices, and a looming energy transition signal structural changes for the oil and gas market.
16 Jul 2020
As a project cargo pipeline "hole" looms thanks to retrenchment in the oil and gas sector, slow scrapping and newbuilding orders are not enough to cure sector over-tonnage.
15 Jul 2020
Capital spending cutbacks in the oil and gas sector foreshadow a painful lack of project cargo logistics providers, but the industry could also benefit from the trillions of dollars expected in stimulus spending during the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
13 Jul 2020
Multi-billion-dollar impairments recently announced by oil majors like Shell and BP provide a glimpse of the potentially seismic changes taking place in the global energy market, a critical source of project cargo.
02 Jul 2020
BBC Chartering CEO Ulrich Ulrichs said in a JOC Uncharted interview that the MPV/HL fleet should brace for higher operating costs and further consolidation, similarly to the global container fleet.
01 Jul 2020
Following a pandemic-driven slide, the Toepfer Multipurpose Index is expected to stabilize in July.
26 Jun 2020
In a pandemic-distorted logistics environment, due diligence has never been more important, project logistics service providers tell
26 Jun 2020
Despite a difficult business environment, new MPV/HL carrier KOGA Shipping is growing its client base as it enters the US Gulf-Caribbean market, according to CEO Fernando Maruri.
25 Jun 2020
In the face of COVID-19, logistics contracting should carefully define the events that trigger the application of force majeure remedies.
24 Jun 2020
Oil price volatility and the related pullback on capital investment is affecting cargo volumes, primarily on the onshore oil and gas side; offshore effects will take longer to flow through the project supply chain.
04 Jun 2020
MPV/HL carrier AAL’s Asia–Europe service, which has filled a vacuum created by the demise of Zeamarine, is seeing relatively strong demand despite a pandemic-hampered market.
21 May 2020
The massive demand destruction in the oil sector has triggered billions of dollars in capex cuts, shrinking the project cargo pipeline.
15 May 2020
BBC Chartering's CEO sees a rough course ahead amid COVID-19, but a stronger MPV/HL segment in the long run.
06 May 2020
UHT will represent a fleet of five semi-submersible heavy transport vessels under a partnership agreement with China-based owner Guangzhou Salvage and commercial agent GS-Pango.
05 May 2020
The Taiwanese government plans to develop 5.5 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2025, and add another 10 GW between 2026 and 2035.
27 Apr 2020
Intermarine will serve as exclusive commercial agent in North America for United Heavy Lift, though UHL ships are not expected to operate in Intermarine's liner services.
14 Apr 2020
Toepfer's Multipurpose Index falls as COVID-19 effects hamper trade and plummeting oil prices shrink capital investments.
09 Apr 2020
Already under severe pressure as coronavirus lockdowns sap global demand, oil prices fell to a 20-year low last week amid what may be the single most ill-timed game of production chicken in history.
08 Apr 2020
A global economy hammered by pandemic control measures and an oil price war is bad news for the MPV/HL sector, maritime consultancy Drewry reports.
30 Mar 2020
Forwarders are scrambling to preserve project schedules as transport capacity, equipment availability, and personnel are affected by efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.