Asia Shipping publishes flight and ship arrival on Twitter

Asia Shipping publishes flight and ship arrival on Twitter

Asia Shipping Transportes Internacionais, a specialized freight forwarding company, has adopted Twitter as a channel for providing information on the arrival of container ships at Brazilian ports and flights at Brazilian airports.

Arrival notifications, based on information provided by port and airport authorities, will be issued on business days. Arrivals taking place at the weekend and on public holidays can be accessed at a later date using the link posted on Twitter which provides access to the shipping bulletin at

The company, which is market leader for shipments between Asia and South America, is pioneering Twitter as a tool to provide its worldwide clients and partners with information from a variety of sources, including mobile devices, depending on to existing technology.

"Today, we are connected and need information to take decisions. This is why we decided to provide this service. We will soon be offering export data as well", said the company's commercial director, Alexandre Pimenta.

To access the information, go to Asia Shipping on Twitter ( or create an account and follow the company.

Electronic booking list

Asia Shipping Transportes Internacionais is constantly investing in technology and has a full-time systems development team. It recently adopted an electronic booking list for maritime and air import operations.

Using the system, the company's clients will receive an e-mail containing a link, accessing an exclusive area on Asia Shipping's own system. Once there, clients can view the booking list in HTML format and export data to Excel or generate a PDF file.

Using this new booking access model, the company is increasing the security and reliability of the information it provides. The online spreadsheet access link is encrypted with four levels of security, ensuring that only the client has access to the information. "If one of these levels fails, the link remains secure", explains Asia Shipping IT manager, Anderson Rodrigues.

The available content includes process information such as shipping forecasts, cargo loaded and cargo docked. Furthermore, the layout provides easy information viewing and reading. In the future, the Asia Shipping intranet will provide an exclusive area with information not only on processes but also notifications and news and will maintain direct contact with clients, as the system also plans to provide online customer services.

The e-mail containing the link is issued once daily for shipments by sea and four times daily for shipments by air, when the processes register any changes to booking list information.

Asia Shipping has also invested in a VoIP telephone system to further integrate the customer service infrastructure. This means that offices and departments can communicate more swiftly as they are now interconnected by extensions. Additionally, clients can leave messages on the voicemail service if their contact is unable to answer their call.

About Asia Shipping

Asia Shipping Transportes Internacionais, a multinational company which was founded in Brazil over 14 years ago, is the only domestic freight forwarder to stand among the major global conglomerates in Latin America, according to figures from Datamar, a business consultancy.

Through a network of 17 offices in South America and Asia and representatives at the main ports and airports worldwide, Asia Shipping provides global import and export services.