Trial with free tire check in port of Rotterdam

JOC Staff |

Drivers leaving the terminal of APM Terminals MVII on Maasvlakte 2 can check the tire pressure of their trucks quickly and free of charge. This free tire check uses sensors in the road. When a truck passes them at low speed, a smiley shows the driver that the tire pressure is good. The measuring device is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Verkeersonderneming.

The trial with the free tire check is in line with the Port Authority’s aim to keep the port accessible and it contributes towards sustainability goals. Research conducted by ZTA Expertise, commissioned by the Verkeersonderneming, reveals that two trucks have a flat tire every 24 hours in the Rotterdam region. 40% of all breakdowns on the roads are the result flat tires. Accidents and breakdowns involving trucks cause a lot of traffic jams.

Furthermore, tires at the right pressure not only last longer, but they also have a lower rolling resistance. As a result, fuel consumption and therefore carbon emissions are lower than with tires with too low pressure.