Imaginnovate’s 10th anniversary vow: 70 percent staff growth

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Logistics software expert to employ nearly 400 though tech sector declines 

BENTONVILLE, AR, MARCH 30, 2023 – Logistics technology specialist Imaginnovate today promised 70 percent staff growth in 2023 while commemorating its 10th anniversary. The software and artificial intelligence innovator declared it would expand from 220 employees to nearly 400 by year-end. 

Imaginnovate’s torrid growth follows the addition of 170 new employees in 2022. It defies recent retrenchments that have darkened the tech sector outlook generally. 

“Over the past decade we have structured ourselves to be a specialist in providing technology solutions for transportation and logistics organizations,” explained Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “We see immense potential for growth in this segment, but to specialize requires a lot of industry knowledge and that is something we are continually developing.” 

Mr. Vattipalli’s remarks came as Imaginnovate recognizes its founding in March 2013. The technology upstart began with one employee and one client. Today it’s a leader in automating global supply chains. Imaginnovate creates software for 3PLs, distributors and freight haulers ranging from long-haul to final-mile and air cargo. It’s developing artificial intelligence to automate decision-making for clients. 

Imaginnovate said new employees would be mostly software developers in mid-management and leadership ranks. They could be located anywhere in the world, the company added. The hiring frenzy is in stark contrast to the thousands of layoffs announced by technology companies in 2023. 

According to Imaginnovate, its growth corresponds to upheaval in the logistics sector. Operators are digitizing to meet unprecedented demand and overcome supply chain inefficiencies, the company explained. 

“The transportation and logistics sector has changed drastically in the last five years, but it has been slow to adopt technology,” said Mr. Vattipalli. “Now, companies see the impact of digitization and are looking for the expertise to bring technology into their operations.”


Mr. Vattipalli said Imaginnovate intends to be the leader in providing technology solutions to supply chain operators. The company customizes software platforms that automate everything from warehouse management to freight transportation. It also manages a Logistics Studio providing contract staff for logistics operators short on technology know-how. 

About Imaginnovate 

Imaginnovate is an 10-year-old digital solution company supporting the freight transportation and logistics industry. It provides innovation for transportation and logistic companies ranging from start-ups to the nation’s largest carriers. Its solutions touch the entire supply chain and include: route optimization, load management, routing and scheduling, capacity management, fleet optimization and rate prediction. Imaginnovate has a development team working to automate freight transportation and logistics. Learn more about Imaginnovate at


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