Imaginnovate creates Data Science unit for logistics sector

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BENTONVILLE, AR, MARCH 8, 2023 – Logistics technology creator Imaginnovate today introduced a new business unit enabling organizations to build resilient supply chains and predict their outcomes. Imaginnovate said its Data Science Services group would provide analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to logistics companies.  It said the new group was created partly in response to supply chain problems surfaced by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.


“The pandemic has impacted the world and it exposed the inefficiencies in the supply chain,” said Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “Supply chain operators have large volumes of business data in their systems, and by analyzing this data with machine learning and artificial intelligence, they can build predictive models to create effective supply chain solutions.”


Imaginnovate said its Data Science Services unit would help logistics firms develop technology to guide decision-making. It promised to automate processes like order management, rating, freight matching, carrier booking, notifications, appointment scheduling, routing and invoicing.


It’s believed that technology could eliminate roadblocks that caused supply chain breakdowns during the pandemic. Those included transportation disruption, cargo delays and missed deliveries. “Data analysis will allow organizations to understand trade and transportation patterns and based on that, make critical business decisions,” explained Mr. Vattipalli.


Industry surveys indicate that most supply chain operators intend to make data analysis a core competency, Imaginnovate said. Research also shows that most don’t have the technological know-how to succeed. Imaginnovate said it would collaborate with clients to develop the capability.


Imaginnovate said its Data Science Services group would begin with 15 data scientists, analysts and domain experts. It envisions a team of 100 by year-end. Ravi Chavali, a technology veteran with more than 20 years of experience in data analysis and data science, will serve as President of the unit.


Goal is to build resilient supply chains with machine learning and AI

Goal is to build resilient supply chains with machine learning and AI

Goal is to build resilient supply chains with machine learning and AI

According to Imaginnovate, Data Science Services fulfills the company’ desire to offer strategic partnership to logistics clients. “We have teams that offer Consulting, Software application development, Data Science, Technical Support and Dedicated Resource Centers specifically for organizations in transportation and logistics,” pointed out Mr. Vattipalli.  “Logistics companies that are growth oriented and are looking to modernize their end-to-end operations can turn to us as their reliable partner.”


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