COSCO SHIPPING Launches Self-Operated Warehouse in the US Enhances e-Commerce Fulfillment Capabilities

JOC Staff |

(April 29, 2024 Rancho Cucamonga) —Today, COSCO SHIPPING officially launched its self-operated fulfillment warehouse in the United States. This major expansion of COSCO SHIPPING’s global warehousing network represents a crucial step towards enhancing the company’s ability to meet the increasing logistics needs of cross-border business and establishing a comprehensive logistics solution tailored for cross-border e-commerce customers.


Spanning 177,141 square feet, this new facility is strategically located in the Greater Los Angeles area, just 60 minutes from the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Airport. The warehouse features high-efficiency capabilities, achieving unloading and shelving within 48 hours, with 95% of goods dispatched within the first 24 hours and 98% within 48 hours.


Utilizing COSCO SHIPPING’s extensive global transportation network, the warehouse offers a full array of services, including dropshipping, transit for medium and large-sized goods, end-to-end truck dispatching, and comprehensive in-warehouse operations.


The implementation of modern OMS/WMS systems enhances the EDI process, supported by comprehensive I.T. operation and maintenance that ensures stable operations and full visual management. This enables customers to access real-time cargo dynamics and efficiently manage various operational challenges.


As COSCO SHIPPING continues to innovate and expand its fulfillment warehouse capabilities, this new facility will specifically address the needs of medium and large-goods sellers, offering both standardized and customized logistics solutions for a range of products, including home appliances and furniture. This strategic development not only adapts to the scaling needs of logistics services but also supports the growth of the global cross-border e-commerce industry.


 For more information, contact COSCO SHIPPING (North America) Inc., 100 Lighting Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (866) 830-2550, or visit