Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA)
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Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA)

An increasingly competitive market in trans-Pacific trade is a pivotal opportunity for West Coast ports. Larger vessels and increased container exchanges will lead to constraints and challenge the status quo. 

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (POPR) is actively readying to be the solution in this increasingly competitive landscape through innovative and integrated gateway planning matched with targeted capital investment to find better, more efficient ways to optimize existing infrastructure while adding capacity to maximize throughput. 

For example, the recently expanded DP World Fairview Terminal has 1.6M TEUs of capacity and can accommodate the largest vessels on the water today. 

Combined with the recently completed private Port Authority-owned container haul-road, the POPR has created an intermodal ecosystem that stretches beyond the terminal. 
Earlier this year, the PRPA announced the start of construction on the Ridley Island Export Logistics Project, a large-scale export transloading and off-dock container yard facility that will create 400,000 TEUs of export transloading capacity. 

We see this type of expansion as a central component of the planning and development of an integrated, intermodal ecosystem with multiple transloading projects including import logistics capacity, a second container terminal and an industry-leading approach to gateway planning that will maximize output while minimizing footprint and resulting impacts. 

All in, these types of innovations are anchoring a development plan helps ports grow their capacity. We see value creation through strategic partnerships, effective land use planning and innovative supply chain solutions that inform our infrastructure investment decisions as core to our business. 

These are some of the ways in which we are stretching our reach beyond the docks.