Omar Shamsie, President, Safmarine North America

Omar Shamsie, President, Safmarine North America

As a regional carrier specialist, Safmarine North America is able to focus on service that goes beyond the expectations of customers — thanks to the Customer Experience Partners and the growth in Safmarine liner services.   

Using a customer-program called “Lean-In,” the company is empowering Customer Experience Partners to take ownership of the customer and go the extra mile — by being more proactive, taking quicker decisions, and finding solutions themselves. Small things can make a big difference.  

An example: A major auto importer’s trucker was experiencing delays returning empties to a congested rail head, resulting in extra storage costs. The Safmarine Customer Experience Partner came up with a solution for the trucker to return the empties to an alternative rail location, and the equipment team approved the solution and implemented it.  

Equally important, Safmarine North America is finding innovative ways to open new trade corridors with faster transits —  without adding new tonnage. The MMX service from Montreal, Canada, to Africa and the Middle East offers seven-day faster transit time via Algeciras in some corridors. Other new services include the TA6 service from Houston to connect to Amex in Freeport, the TA5 service to West Africa serving the full MEIP scope, and the TP 12 routing via APM Terminals, Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, to the Middle East and India.

By offering strong, personal service and adding new vessel string options, Safmarine customers are seeing new markets open and their business grow. This is the winning formula for helping customers succeed in 2019.

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