Narin Phol, Managing Director, Maersk North America

Narin Phol, Managing Director, Maersk North America

Today’s customers are looking for year-over-year performance gains in their suppliers — to simplify the complexity of their global supply chains and dealing with the inefficiencies of multiple providers and handoffs.

We want to make it easier for customers by offering them one point of contact for all their supply chain needs through our unique strength to deliver end-to-end solutions.

We have designed our organization and services around the customer — to offer the unmatched global network scale of Maersk’s liner services integrated with the depth of expertise in our supply chain services. Equally important, we are developing specialized products and services for vertical market segments such as retail, refrigerated, automotive, chemicals, lifestyle and technology, consumer goods, and other segments that enable customers to better compete in tougher market conditions.

This structural approach complements our e-commerce channels such as the new instant booking tool and our membership in TradeLens — the open, neutral, global trade digitization platform that is adding new users and pilot customers every week to address our industry’s need for a technological shift to digital.

Market conditions challenge every company,  and we’re excited to enter 2019 with the strongest liner/logistics choice in the market to help our customers compete and win, both short term and long term.

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