John W. Murray, CEO, Port Canaveral

John W. Murray, CEO, Port Canaveral

Infrastructure investments in our seaports, both on land and in the water, bolster our economy, provide job opportunities and enhance competitiveness. Port Canaveral is facing unprecedented demand for bulkhead space — the highest in the port’s 65-year history.

The Canaveral Port Authority has made strategic investments in harbor and landside infrastructure improvements to augment the port’s mission as Central Florida’s premier maritime gateway. Several complex infrastructure projects have been initiated or will be completed at the ort in the next two to five years. 

More than $446 million currently identified in five-year capital improvement projects will construct and expand port facilities and infrastructure to increase the port’s capabilities and capacity in cruise and cargo operations.  Crucial road network improvements will address increased demand by cruise and cargo partners.

A new mobile harbor crane with an 18-container reach will be fully operational by mid-2019. This crane, which will be the largest in the US, adds capability and capacity to the port’s ability to handle the growing diversity and volume of cargo coming through the port.

The construction of North Cargo Berth 8 — the port’s last remaining undeveloped berth space — will create a multipurpose berth to accommodate various deep-water cargo vessels and flexibility to receive all types of cargo, from containers to bulk, breakbulk, and project cargo.  The project’s Phase I — new berth and 4 acres of uplands — is expected to be completed in March 2019. Estimated construction cost $17.9 is million. Phase II, slated for completion by early 2020, will include additional uplands development and extending the pier to accommodate vessels up to 960 feet with a draft of 35 feet.

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