Eric Green, CEO, Jaxport

Eric Green, CEO, Jaxport

Put the words “transportation” and “technology” together and maybe you think driverless cars or George Jetson-type jetpacks. In the world of ports and cargo, transportation technology is already helping us overcome the challenges presented by growing container volumes.

At Jaxport terminals, smart technology increases cargo visibility and stimulates business development. Tracking cargo in real time through GPS allows sequencing of container moves and relaying of real-time information, leading to expedited truck turn times.

Our tenants’ terminal operating systems feature indoor gate-control centers in some cases, allowing more efficient and safe interaction with truck drivers. Paperless operations reduce gate-lane transaction times and put cargo into the hands of customers faster. Advanced traffic management software and complete camera monitoring on terminal ensure a smooth and efficient flow of cargo traffic.

Statewide initiatives aimed at supporting Jacksonville’s growing container operations abound. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning an application in the 511-traveler information system focusing solely on shippers, providing advance notifications on traffic, rail crossings and delays, and allowing dispatchers to adjust assignments or reroute drivers.  

The FDOT is also using sophisticated technology to produce a Freight Origin/Destination Study around Jaxport’s facilities. Bluetooth devices in corridors near the port and regional distribution centers identify cargo movements and bottlenecks, helping determine causes and create solutions. Eventually, the state is aiming for a central Information Data Exchange network, open to all.

Technology at Jaxport also:

  • Monitors the status of infrastructure allowing us to better anticipate needs

  • Optimizes cargo handling

  • Streamlines the customs and clearance process

  • Provides port safety personnel with early detection ability

  • Reduces energy consumption, saving money and preserving the environment

Jaxport is committed to using advances in transportation technology to navigate operational challenges. Case in point: The shipping industry’s adoption of Blockchain, revolutionizing the recording and sharing of transportation data. As American inventor Dean Kamen once remarked, “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

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