ALK Technologies Offers Graphical User Interface for PC*MILER Web Services

ALK Technologies Offers Graphical User Interface for PC*MILER Web Services

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Anaheim, CA - November 16, 2009 - ALK Technologies, Inc. has designed a new tool to visualize the interface to PC*MILER Web Services. The company introduced a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) for its users to easily access PC*MILER mileage, toll costs, map data, driving directions, and reporting functionality. Demonstrations are available during the NITL-IANA-TIA Annual Meeting and TransComp Exhibition/Intermodal Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, November 16-17, at booth 726.

Web Services enables ALK customers to access an interface to PC*MILER over the Internet through their own websites and networks. Routing and map data is hosted by ALK on Tier 1 data center servers and is delivered efficiently to users as though it is installed locally. Some key benefits of the service include reducing IT infrastructure investments, the ability to ensure server scalability and optimizing resources.

Traditionally, PC*MILER Web Services features have been integrated into customer websites by programmers through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to preserve the look and feel of the customer site. Now providers offering hosted transportation management software, for example, which use these APIs to deliver accurate routing, mileage and mapping, need not take this extra design step. The new GUI can be accessed through a web browser where ALK has completed the design work for them.

The new graphical user interface is written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and is independent of PC*MILER Web Services data and programming which are provided in universally accessible XML (Extensible Markup Language). The interface also helps those customers who are integrating PC*MILER Web Services into their own applications. Using the new GUI, programmers can better visualize how to incorporate PC*MILER Web Services for maximum efficiency.

"We've made PC*MILER Web Services more accessible to more customers," said Roy Schijns, Vice President, Sales for PC*MILER Solutions. "Now the interface can be put to work simply and quickly by virtually any company. With minimal IT support, users with multiple locations, multiple versions of PC*MILER or mixed computer systems can bring PC*MILER to more end-users through the new GUI."

PC*MILER Web Services incorporates all of the features and benefits of PC*MILER 23, an essential tool to predict and manage operating and transportation costs. It reduces out-of-route mileage, saving time, tolls, and fuel. PC*MILER 23 calculates precise truck-specific toll cost based on vehicle weight and number of axles.

PC*MILER 23 encompasses 117,000 new North American truck restrictions and 47,000 miles of new and updated truck-restricted roadway. The recently updated map data includes 2.9 million commercial truck restrictions, such as bridge heights, clearances and load limits. Its 32,600 North American hazardous materials restrictions provide more than twice the coverage of other solutions. PC*MILER is the most comprehensive and accurate truck-specific digital map data available.

PC*MILER Web Services also offers users access to multiple versions of routing and map data, now accessible in an easy to use interface. Multiple versions can also be accessed through the web service itself in the XML programming interface. Users now have the option to choose what's convenient and efficient depending on their business needs.

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