Is your New Year's Resolution to find ways to increase ROI for 2016?

Is your New Year's Resolution to find ways to increase ROI for 2016?

Jan 5, 2016

Post-recession, retailers deepened discounts to win back their customers. Black Friday and holiday sales have continued to train consumers to seek out the lowest prices. When manufacturers and distributors carefully review their 2015 year end results, many are finding that net profits are lower than they had forecasted.

One line item that can be an open faucet is air freight for those quickly needed samples and last minute opportunity orders.  Air freight costs can really impact the bottom line. Many successful business owners and CEO’s believe they have done all they can to reduce the costs associated with airing in samples and late shipments.  They have worked hard to negotiate better pricing but may misunderstand what that means. Having carefully negotiated great pricing does not mean you are locked into that carrier. A pricing agreement does not obligate you to exclusivity with that carrier.  Nothing prohibits you from seeking out even better pricing which can protect the bottom line. 

If you made a corporate New Year’s resolution to increase your ROI, think about seeking out even better pricing for your air freight shipments. Mike Oved, founder and President of EMG 9 said, “It’s a shame people overlook this expense. The sales professionals from these major courier companies are trained to make everyone believe they are getting the best rates in the market. Guess what? There are always better rates out there.  We have clients in the apparel and gift businesses who have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on air shipments for packages under 500 pounds.”

Let’s face it, a forecast for the coming year is just that – a forecast. No one knows what the new year will bring, but smart companies can ensure that air freight rates to and from China, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, are the lowest in the market by talking to EMG-9 to learn more about the options.

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