SDV Provides Seamless Logistics for Eurocopter’s X3 American Tour

SDV Provides Seamless Logistics for Eurocopter’s X3 American Tour

Nov 26, 2012

NEW YORK — From June 20th to July 26th the Eurocopter’s X3 Helicopter was on a critical U.S. demonstration tour. To show off the amazing technology they developed, Eurocopter called SDV, the Paris-based global logistics leader to help them facilitate the logistics they needed for this vital promotion.  

SDV’s first challenge was the organization of transportation for the aircraft, a unique model that combines a main rotor system with plane propellers. SDV France loaded the revolutionary X3 destined for the United States in Istres, France onto an Antonov 124 destined for Dallas’ Alliance Airport. 

SDV Dallas facilitated the next crucial steps quickly that included unloading the X3, clearing customs, and arranging storage at a warehouse for reassembly.

After the X3’s take-off in Dallas, SDV Dallas sent all the maintenance equipment, including one of Eurocopter’s mobile workshops to the first demonstration site in Grand Prairie, TX, and the 4 other demonstration stopovers of the aircraft within a very small time span. 

While mobilizing its AOG 24/7 coordination cell, SDV had to be able to ship emergency spare parts at all times from Europe to the prototype’s flight points that included demonstrations in Huntsville, Alabama, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Manassas and Richmond, VA.     

A collaborative team effort was displayed by SDV’s project team in Marignane, France and in the United States by SDV’s Dallas-Fort Worth branch office. SDV Dallas’ attention to detail and meticulous planning helped facilitate the process to ensure a seamless transition despite repeated and last minute schedule changes they encountered.