Advent Unveils for DVIR Processing

Advent Unveils for DVIR Processing

MURRAY HILL, N.J., June 9, 2010 — As the June 30 deadline looms for motor carriers to report Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, Advent Inc. announced in a statement Wednesday to truck drivers, facility operators, and maintenance and repair service providers that is now open for registration.

In 2008, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finalized a regulation requiring drivers returning a chassis to any facility to file a DVIR to the intermodal equipment provider (chassis owner). This requirement placed the entire industry in an awkward position of attempting to determine how to collect and manage these inspection reports without creating additional work and congestion at the U.S. intermodal facility gates.

In response to this regulation, the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association stepped out in front and produced a Request for Proposal for a technology solution that would provide motor carriers with the ability to file the inspections online and distribute these DVIRs to the relevant parties in the supply chain.

The difficulty in this requirement was to not just create a simple website for DVIR entry, but to distribute the DVIRs to the facility operators, equipment providers and maintenance vendors.

In response to the RFP, Advent proposed its system as the solution to this requirement. is a complete chassis management system, including a maintenance and repair module. This system also utilizes the Advent EDI subsystem, which currently supports the PierPass program in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. was the only solution that could quickly satisfy this almost impossible task.

Not only did the solution require providing an inspection form to motor carriers and drivers, which already existed in the M&R module, but Advent also had to find a solution to the distribution requirement. Advent developed a distribution engine unlike any other in the industry that links the country’s motor carriers, facilities, M&R providers and equipment owners.’s advantage is that it allows for intermodal equipment providers to manage exactly who receives the DVIR on their behalf. Each company can manage their own method of receiving DVIRs, whether it is e-mail or EDI. The network of companies registered and interfaced to each other in can be compared to the self-service social networking approach of sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

In addition to DVIR management, Advent has built on this immense user base to offer additional services through the portal. These services include DVER management, a chassis registry similar to IANA’s GIER system and a clearinghouse for intermodal equipment providers to manage daily chassis rental programs. The user base of makes this site a logical platform for such industrywide programs that cross all modes of the intermodal system.

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