Acculogix Uses Descartes Transportation Management Solution to Optimize Shipping Processes

Acculogix Uses Descartes Transportation Management Solution to Optimize Shipping Processes

WATERLOO, Ontario — November 10, 2010 — Descartes Systems Group (TSX:DSG) (Nasdaq:DSGX) announced that Acculogix Distribution Services, a Canadian-based third party logistics (3PL) distributor of magazines and books, is using Descartes’ Transportation Management, Pick, Pack and Ship solution to streamline its distribution throughout Western Canada.

Streamlining shipping processes through automation

Acculogix services 4,000 retailers in Western Canada and operates 13 satellite depots/cross-dock centers where magazine shipments are processed for delivery to local markets via express package carriers. To streamline the process of labeling shipments being handled by its package carrier service providers, Acculogix selected Descartes’ Transportation Management Pick, Pack and Ship solution.

Descartes’ Transportation Management solution enables Acculogix to interface with its in-house automated magazine picking system as well as an in-line and automated shipping label generating system. In doing so, Acculogix was able to automate a number of manual processes that reduced labor costs, unify a single labeling and manifesting system across all carriers, and minimize the shipping label processing time while increasing accuracy.

“We went from 13 years of manually keying in shipping label details and applying them, to a completely automated process,” says Chris Brann, Logistics Manager at the Acculogix site in Calgary. “This solution enables us to automate shipping processes, reduce labor requirements and costs, lower freight expenses through carrier optimization, as well as improve visibility into shipped orders status across all depots and for pre-authorized customers.”

Increased productivity, lower costs

Descartes’ Transportation Management, Pick, Pack and Ship solution has delivered a number of benefits since it was installed. A typical production run at Acculogix would include at least three additional staff members and take almost twice as long to perform this process manually. Now, staffing requirements have been reduced and productivity in processing orders has improved by nearly 25%. Furthermore, Acculogix has also achieved close to 100% accuracy in shipment labeling.

“In a competitive industry where every dollar counts, a high level of efficiency is especially critical,” said Ken Wood, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Descartes. “We are happy our solution has helped Acculogix to automate a great number of processes and allow for significant cost optimizations at the same time.”

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