Jeremy Haycock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, DCLI, chats with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at TPM 2016 about changes within the marine chassis industry over last two years as steamship lines have stepped back, changing long-established practices and forcing stakeholders to adjust to a new reality.
Senior Vice President of CenterPoint Properties Matt Mullarkey and JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett talk about acquisitions, where inland ports and hubs have a bright future in the U.S. and how the increasing demands for immediacy by e-commerce firms are reshaping the industrial real estate market.
JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett and Senior Vice President and COO of DCLI Ron Joseph sat down with each other at TPM 2016 to chat about the importance of chassis pools in the Los Angeles-Long Beach complex and how chassis providers use data to maximize productivity. Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi talks to Port Tampa Bay President and CEO Paul Anderson on the sidelines of TPM 2016 about the port’s cargo mix, where it sees growth opportunities, new cranes that will increase the size of the ships the port can handle, and what they mean for competition among Gulf Coast ports.
Dr. Noel Hacegaba, CCO at the Port of Long Beach got together with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at TPM 2016 to discuss how the port will cope with more regular calls by the largest mega-ships and upcoming changes in shipping alliances, and how the Middle Harbor Terminal project in Long Beach is beginning of a new era.