ZIM adds Da Chan Bay Terminal One for its East Med Express Eastbound Service

Da Chan Bay Terminal One is pleased to announce the addition of ZIM's East Med Express
(EMX) Service as a regular port of call eastbound, beginning in August 2012. This addition to Da
Chan Bay enhances ZIM's service offering in the Western Pearl River Delta, and represents the
continuation of a long and mutually beneficial partnership between ZIM and Da Chan Bay
Terminal One.

Peter Levesque, Modern Terminals' Chief Commercial Officer remarked: “Da Chan Bay is unique
in the Western Pearl River Delta (PRD) because it provides world class terminal operations
together with the capacity for long term growth in the PRD. We look forward
to supporting ZIM's continued success in this critical market".

Kevin Li, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific Region of ZIM, said that "ZIM has been working with
Modern Terminals for almost 40 years and ZIM was among the first carriers to call at Da Chan
Bay. The Modern Terminals team continues to be responsive to our business and operational
needs in both Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta".

Benjamin Lai, Da Chan Bay Terminal One’s Managing Director, said that “We welcome
the addition of ZIM’s EMX service to Da Chan Bay, and we look forward to providing the EMX
with the same level of operational excellence that ZIM and its customers have come to expect
from us in Da Chan Bay".

ZIM’s East Med Express (EMX) Eastbound Service will deploy vessels with a carrying capacity of
4,000 TEUs to call Da Chan Bay Terminal One weekly, following a port rotation of Pusan –
Shanghai – Ningbo – Da Chan Bay – Port Kelang – Suez Canal – Haifa – Ambarli-ist – Odessa –
Novorossiysk – Ambarli-ist – Haifa – Suez Canal – Colombo – Port Kelang – Da Chan Bay – Pusan. 

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