Yusen Logistics Innovates with Vibration-Control Pallets as an Alternative Technology to Air-Suspension Trucks in China and SE Asia

Jul 7, 2014

Yusen Logistics has developed an innovative land transportation solution which offers an alternative to air-suspension trucks. 

Utilizing vibration-control pallets which protect freight from vibrations and sudden impacts during transportation, this new solution facilitates secure, reliable freight transportation, regardless of local road conditions. 

In the past, when transporting sensitive freight such as precision equipment, medical instruments or food products over land, it was necessary to use air-suspension trucks. However, air-suspension trucks have high costs and in some countries are not always available.

In response to this, Yusen Logistics has developed transportation technology to minimize impacts by combining vibration-control pallets with everyday trucks. Numerous trial movements were conducted between Shanghai and Hefei in China from January of this year. As a result, Yusen Logistics is now able to verify that vibration-control pallets used in tandem with everyday trucks provides a viable alternative solution to air-suspension trucks.

In the future, these pallets are expected to generate demand in inland China and as a cross-border trucking commodity in South-East Asian countries. Yusen Logistics is preparing its sales network accordingly.

Photo caption: Yusen Logistics’ vibration-control pallets protect freight from sudden impacts, regardless of road conditions.

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