Adam Roth, director of NAI Global Logistics, discusses projected changes in capacity, especially in trucking; rapid growth in Mexico and the transportation network for moving cargo from that nation; rising use of intermodal and railroads; and anticipated increases in the cost of transportation versus the cost of real estate.
Al Moro, acting executive director of the Port of Long Beach, discusses growth prospects for 2014, what sets the port apa
Electronics manufacturer Voxx International through its Sea-Truck program has successfully eliminated virtually all air freight and millions in cost from its supply chain.
Canadian National Railway CEO and President Claude Mongeau tells the JOC's 2014 TPM conference in Long Beach that the railroad is looking to build more resiliency into its network as it grapples with delays caused by the severest winter in decades.
In a keynote speech delivered March 3 at the JOC’s 14th annual TPM conference, Frederick W. Smith, the chairman, president and CEO of global transport operator FedEx, condemned the increase in trade barriers in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008-9.