Kathryn McDermott, Deputy Exec. Director, details the Port of Los Angeles’ $1.2 billion capital program, its Trade Connect education program for small and mid-size companies in the area, as well as the TPM Sponsor’s focus on building up the entire system surrounding the port.
Port of Tacoma’s CEO John Wolfe on competitiveness of the port industry and the TPM Sponsor’s 10-year plan for infrastructure improvements, larger-vessel management and cargo diversification.
Chris Lytle, Port of Long Beach Executive Director, discusses the business case for modernization and funding opportunities. Details the TPM sponsor’s recent infrastructure upgrades including Middle Harbor, I.T.S. Terminal and the Gerald Desmond Bridge.
General Manager of Marine Business Development Sebastian Degens talks about the Port of Portland’s labor and contract challenges of the past year, including Occupy Portland and ILWU union negotiations. Diverse cargo has led to top volumes in the last few years in auto and bulk, and the TPM sponsor has new land expansion under way.
Canadian National Railway’s Dan Bresolin, director of international marketing, on the TPM sponsor’s strategic investment in new markets including research into needs of its “customer’s customer,” Reefer service and expansion in Detroit are discussed, as well as CN’s corporate shift in focus from exclusively rail-related to the complete supply chain.