Cosco Shipping's Howard Finkel on its position, and response, as a CKYHE Alliance member during the Hanjin Shipping crisis. He also reports on culture of collaboration and integration process over the last year since the Cosco-China Shipping merger. 
When Patterson Warehouses began operations in Memphis in 1856 flatbed trailers were horse-drawn and being loaded onto steamboats. Vice President Buzz Fly discusses its evolution as a logistics hub, investments, and customer trends.
Rate management is costing global forwarding community $500 million a year, which is not sustainable, said Neil Barni, president, CargoSphere.
To effectively leverage data and harness the tremendous potential of current technology, you don't need to wait for the perfect place or strategy, according to Adam Compain, CEO and Founder of predictive logistics company ClearMetal. 
Senior Development Consultant Aaron Stewart on the Tennessee Valley Authority's work creating economic development opportunities in Memphis.