Senior editor William B. Cassidy covers trucking for The Journal of Commerce. He is based in Washington, D.C.

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Hefty increases in truck driver wages will propel truckload rates higher in 2015 and beyond, potentially pushing pricing up by double digits, a transportation analyst warns. Truckload rates may need to rise as much as 12 to 18 percent to pay for higher driver wages.

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YRC Worldwide is preparing to shed some old equipment and replace it with new tractor-trailers. The $5.1 billion less-than-truckload operator is trading up both trucks and technology, CEO James Welch...
raw uncooked turkey
When the polar vortex unleashed storm after winter storm last year, the network of distribution centers and third-party warehouses Butterball uses to ship whole turkeys and other products across the...
truck at warehouse
Shippers are being warned to prepare for major and potentially costly changes in the way they contract or hire trucking companies to move freight across the U.S., as economic, regulatory and legal...
The frequency of spot market loads from Los Angeles is increasing as the West Coast container logjam begins to break.
Signs that the container logjam in Southern California is beginning to break are showing up on the truck spot market, as deconsolidated loads come up for grabs at West Coast warehouses.
Net orders for trailers in the U.S. dropped for the second month in February, but manufacturers will be busy for several months fulfilling an immense backlog of orders.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff speaks at a ceremony marking port expansion in Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil’s beleaguered President Dilma Rousseff took time off from her political travails last week to inaugurate the first phase of a $557 million expansion at the port of Rio de Janeiro.
The British government will consider ways to reduce a shortage of truck drivers that shippers and carriers say threatens economic growth in the U.K., including finding funds for driver training.
Federal agency officials prepare to testify at Senate subcommittee hearing on FMCSA reform.
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s key truck safety initiative — the Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA program — is coming under fresh fire on Capitol Hill and from a federal watchdog...
Truck drivers employed by Agility in Kenya ended a strike and are back at work, the company said, after a Kenyan court issued an order calling the strike “unlawful, and therefore unprotected.”
FedEx plane
Across-the-board gains in freight volumes and a strong peak shipping season drove FedEx profit skyward, lifting net income 53 percent year-over-year to $580 million in the fiscal quarter that ended...