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When the Los Angeles County Bar’s Customs Law Committee met with the local U.S.

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One of the hallmarks of an importer’s relationship with Customs and Border Protection is reasonable care.
A surety company that’s a big player in the Customs bond market recently sent a notice reminding customs brokers that an importer with a continuous bond is a higher risk indicator if the agency
A panel at the 7th Annual Homeland Security Law Institute event in March raised the specter of an international hacking incident.
Senior managers at Customs and Border Protection have had several recent meetings in the Los Angeles area, explaining agency priorities for fiscal 2012.
For Gibson Guitars, it’s becoming a familiar tune: federal investigators storming its manufacturing plants. That’s what happened for the second time in three years last August, when U.S.
2012 is likely to be another active year for international trade.
Proving again that shareholders no longer are willing to tolerate systemic shortcomings from those in charge of public companies, the Louisiana Municipal Police Employees Retirement System has filed...
We’re about a year away from the 2012 presidential election, and it’s obvious to all that partisanship again is getting in the way of productivity.
Customs has a storage problem, and how it is adapting will dramatically affect importers who file paper entries.
The more things change, the more they stay the same, the old axiom goes. But is it true?